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Cushings and ESR/Ferritin/D/ALP

Recent dx of cushing's due to pit tumor.  In the year leading up to my dx, certain blood levels were off consistently.  I want to know if these relate to cushing's or if they are likely caused by something else.  Any experience/ideas?

ESR (sed rate) high - around 35 (ref range 0-20)
Alk. phos. (ALP) high - around 150  (ref range 30-130)
Ferritin low 30 (doc wants at least 70.  This has been going down despite increased iron supplements)
Vit. D low  (don't have ##s but been supplementing)
a/g ratio  low - 1.0  (ref range 1.2 - 2.7)

As you can see, none of these are really extremely off... just off.  Thanks for looking!
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I used to have Cushing's disease. I was resolved by pituitary and adrenal surgery.

I had low ferratin, low D too - this is pretty consistent with my Cushie buds.
As for the SED, it tests chronic inflammation - I personally did not test high with that, but my CRP was super high (like 42, the range is 3) and that is another inflammation test - but others did - so this is another thing that is consistent with Cushing's.

A/G ratio should be high with chronic inflammation - but low ones show up in auto-immune diseases - I don't remember and this is not one we talk about.

Alk/phos - I have had some high tests and they told me I was forming bone. I have no idea - and that test is not one that is run much.

I will say that a lot of people with Cushing's do have a fatty liver so some liver tests may be wonky.
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