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My 14 year old cat has stopped eating and is nearly skeleton-thin.

This has been going on for a couple of months and I do not know what to do. She comes to me crying for food, but then won't eat, no matter what I try!  She never had a weight problem, is a strictly indoors cat, and I no longer trust my regular vet, Last year, when my boy-cat became sick, she ran up nearly $1,700 in tests over six weeks, only to say his tests were all normal. (He was having uncontrollable diarrhea! She refused to give me anti-diarrheal medicine, and wanted to do more tests, surgery, etc.) Well, I am on disability, so I had to, instead, euthanize him.  Now Princess is wasting away 18 months later, and I need help from someone to diagnose Princess and work with me financially. I have tried every food imaginable, cooked for her myself, and whipped her food into pudding so she can lick it up. She takes a few nibbles or licks, and walks away. She has diarrhea too, but can control it and does not go outside the litter box. She is drinking water normally. What do I do? She cannot lose any more weight! Her activity level is just slightly diminished. She will chase a laser avidly, but seems cold all the time. She wakes me, wanting to eat, but then won't eat what I give her. This is horrible to watch. I have just a couple hundred dollars to pay a vet . . . .
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Try giving her some high-quality kitten food, like IAMS or similar. If you go to a pet store that has super high-end foods, you could probably even get some sample packs. And try giving her just a little at a time, all day long. Another thing to do is have a vet check her teeth or look into her mouth yourself, and also do some blood work (not the same vet and not the high cost you paid before, but at least get a basic panel). Also try sardines. The smell might stimulate her appetite. And finally, when you get a new vet, ask about the main  possible culprits, kidney or diabetes.
Thank you! I will try them all. And look up vet reviews for the animal hospitals. There are soo many within five miles of me. There has to be a good one out there somewhere!
I'd especially try the kitten food first, and also only feed a small bit at a time, but all day long.
Got lots for her to try, and she is liking it so far! Thank you!
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Annie has given you some good answers try them all . Also I recommend a test for hyperthyroidism when you do see another Vet, not an expensive test and she has the classic signs, can be controlled with medication. Good luck
Thank you for the suggestion on hyperthyroidism! I have already gone and bought new types of food, and she ate a nice amount for a change. And I will call tomorrow a couple of animal hospitals nearby that are open on weekends!
Thanks to both of you!
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Good luck! I hope it's thyroid.
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If it does end up to be thyroid and the vet would like to start your girl on thyroid meds, you can take that rx to Rite Aide to have it filled at a much lower cost.  
Thank you.
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