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My cat has drastically lost weight over the last few months?

Hello everyone, I hope I'm posting this under the right category, excuse me if I'm not.
So I have a 2 year old Persian. Seven months ago he had a urinary blockage and it got so bad that they had to operate on him (to castrate him and make a wider pee channel, I don't know the technical term sorry, I'm not an English native speaker) He started losing weight after that. He eats like he used to but doesn't gain any weight. He's barely 1.5kg now (like a little over 3 pounds) He also has developed this habit of peeing everywhere, even his bed, and only sleeps after he has covered his bed in pee. My mom is threatening to throw him out and I have paid so much for his medical expenses so far that I cannot take him back to the vet (I'm still a student) I don't know what to do. I can't even hold him anymore because he keeps dripping (or doing it intentionally, I don't know) He also still strains to pee although he produces a big quantity but he keeps trying to push it out. He also likes to hide in dark places now.
I'm sorry if this is too long. I appreciate any answers. I really don't want my mom to throw him while I'm at school :(
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Sorry to hear of your poor little kitties troubles, first off I think your likely feeding him dry food...right? That's got to be changed to canned food, even the cheap kind is fine....he's straining because even with the larger urinary opening he still is getting some blockage due to crystals in his bladder...this is caused by a dry food diet :( .....also he's not dripping pee intentionally, unfortunately this happens after the type of surgery he's undergone, getting rid of the crystals may help that somewhat but it could be permanent. These bladder crystals are extremely painful!!!! So I cannot stress strong enough to you to absolutely stop all forms of dry food
Best of luck to you and your little guy
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Oh meant to mention the weight loss too, I'm not sure what's causing that..only lab tests would tell you for sure, but could likely be kidney troubles or diabetes especially since you say he's eating well. This little guy really needs a Vet and I sure hope your parents will agree to that, he's got serious problems going on :(
Thank you so much for the response. I'm feeding him a special type of dry food (it was recommended by the vet after surgery) It's called Virbac Struvite Dissolution (1) and it's supposed to melt away the crystals.. I'll try to get him used to canned food but he's very finicky :(
Thank you again for the response! Just one auestion please, if it's kidney disease or diabeyes , does that mean he'll have to live on meds for the rest of his life?
Kidney disease is addressed by diet, but it is not ever cured. Diabetes would mean an insulin injection once in the morning and once at night, every day. I am sure you don't want it to be either one of those things!

If your mother will have the cat put down the moment your back is turned, and if you have to leave the cat and go to school, it might be time to talk to the vet and see if there are any shelters or charities who will take a cat with health challenges. Failing you being able to take care of the cat you will need to find someone who will. I was offered this when my cat lost his eye to cancer, and resisted because I couldn't give him up. But if I had found him a spot at one of the charity places, he would be alive today, and he is not. It is my largest regret about how we handled his problems. Even if he was not with me any more, at least I would have the pleasure of knowing for sure he was still alive, and that is gone.
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