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Rapid Weight Gain after spay

I have 2 siamese girls, they are just over a year old. I had one fixed, and a few wekks later she started gaining wait and I assume it is from the spay. However, she is weasing some and I am concerned that it could be thyroids, liver or heart related. Her other habits are all normal, she plays, eats, drinks water, etc. no more or less than she always has. Liter box activity is normal also. Should I wait and see if any symptoms arise, or should I take her in to be checked?
Let me just say that it could posibly br a psuedopregnancy, only because her sister was pregnant and having kittens when she got fixed herself, and I am wondering if she is still jealous of her sister......i want to make sure she is okay!
Is there any roccommended specail food or diet for cats that are overweight?
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I think you may have several unrelated issues here.  How much weight has she gained? At a year old, she could actually still be growing a bit as some cats continue to grow up to as much as 18 months of age.  If her eating and activity levels haven't changed then it is highly unlikely that any weight gain would be from spaying.  It is also unlikely to be from upper respiratory infection or inflamation since if anything this could cause her eat less and loose weight.  Thyroid, liver, or heart issues are not common in cats that young unless they are congenital or the result of trauma or previous illness.  Pseudopreganancy is very rare, escpecially in spayed cats.  When it does occur, it is the result of hormonal activity that is triggered by the release of unfertilized eggs into the uterus.  Since your cat no longer has a uterus and/or overies, that cannot occur.

Yes, there are diet cat foods for overwieght and older cats.  But unless she has gained a significant amount of weight due to eating more or being less active, I would not recommend them for such a young cat.  I would observe her eating and activity behavior.  It is not uncommon for cats reaching full maturity to be a little less active over time and this change tends to be gradual and subtle so you may not be aware of it.  You may just need to cut down a little bit on how much you are currently feeding her to compensate for a lower activity level.  If she continues to gain weight, then she may need to see a vet for diagnosis of other possible causes.
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Hi, I would be concerned about the weezing. I would probably take her in to get checked. good luck
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Your vet can suggest a diet that is right for your cat.  However, it is always best to allow him to rule out any other possible problems with her.  Animals can gain weight due to a variety of things, most of them easily treatable.  Make an appointment just to be on the safe side. - Blu
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