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can a cat have seizures,a couple times now my cats woke me in her basket moving n shaking uncontrollaby i have to hold her til she calms down.
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well shes tortoise shell so shes usually vicious so wouldnt notice any change there lol but none of the other symptoms she has her eyes open the whole time
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I agree. Cats twitch when they sleep. Sometimes their whole bodies just shake and shake for as long as they're dreaming.  I would not worry unless you see foam coming out of her mouth, kitty becomes lethargic, restless, nervous, no eating, no playing and definitely attitude changing. I'll give you some pointers so you have ideas as to whether she is having seizures or not. You know she is having seizures if you notice the following:

1- Loss or derangement of consciousness

2- Contractions of all the muscles in the body

3- Changes in mental awareness from non-responsiveness to hallucinations

4- Involuntary urination, defecation, or salivation (or foaming)

5- Behavioral changes, including non-recognition of guardian, viciousness, pacing, and running in circles

Is she having any of these symptoms?
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Hi, cats usually do some twitches when they sleep.   I've had cats for over 30 years-always had 2 or more cats.  I've seen the sleep twitching a lot.  I wouldn't be concerned, unless she can't be woken up immediately during the twitches.  If she can be woken up right away and acts normally, then it's not a seizure.  

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