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Chlamydia!! Please help me

Hi Community,

Hope you are well. I am just a 25 and just received news that I had Chlamydia. However I am a little confused as to how this could of happened. Literally I have been in a monogamous relationship for 1 year now and I have done nothing with anyone else. My girlfriend was tested last month and she came out fine. As of last month I was having some pain peeing and decided to get tested as it didn't clear up. Initially when I took the test the results came back as a non specific urinal infection. The Dr stated that it was something but could not pin point that it was chlamydia however he gave me 4 tablets that were to treat chlamydia and told me that I will get notice in a week if It was all ok or not. He told me to not have sex in a week and for my girlfriend to get tested again.

However I still did not think it was chlamydia, seeing how my girlfriend has not cheated and that she came out negative a month prior. Unfortunately we did have sex with 5-6 days as we were both unconcerned that we didnt have anything because I have been monogamous and she tested negative. That was idiotic especially since I now may have given it to her.

My question is there a possible explanation as to why I am infected and she is not? We don't use condoms and we have been having sex at least 2 times a week for the last year? Secondly what is the probability that she may not be able to have kids if she has it...I am very worried... and thirdly is it possible for me to have it and not her?

We are getting tested again together tomorrow.

Please help me get information please
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If you have been having sex with her for the past year with no condoms then this is a new infection.
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Sorry we had to go through this which test you tested for that came out non specific urinal infection.?
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Treat her and treat yourself with Doxy or Azithromycin and STOP having unprotected sex, do that in lieu of any test results.

As for the how and why question, her first test could have been a false negative and she could have ben carrying it for over a year with no symptoms.  The problem now is that if she tests positive all fingers will point at you for giving it to her.

And what conclusion will she draw from that.......
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Hi guys I am back. So I just wanted to update you about one of my concerns because I don't know if I am paranoid or if this is happening again.

So she got tested about 3 weeks ago now and the DR said there was no needs for me to get tested because I probably had it if I had sex with her within the 5 days so she just administered me and her 4 pills of zilthromax (I'm not too sure of the spelling). We overcame who gave it to whom and listened to the Dr on not having any sex for a week, however I did masterbate myself 2 times. The Dr told me that they would call her in a week to tell her the results if they were positive. They told me to comeback in 1.5 months which I am fully intending to do.

We took the pills on Oct 24th Friday morning and didn't engage in any activity until November 1st Saturday night. Now 2 things happened and idk of it is my mind or not.

1) the hospital never called to giver her the results. (I will now get her to chase that up)
2) I have been having what I feel are the beginning of pee symptoms that I had before. Like everytime I pee now. I finish but then 5 min later I feel like I need to push abd urge a bit more out but when I do its only droplets. My pee doesn't hurt but sometimes the urge of the droplets causes a bit mental discomfort. I don't know if this is normal before or if my head is causing anxiety. I also pee a lot and have urges through the night whereas before I would be able to hold it until I woke.

Is there a possibility that the pills didn't work? Do you think this is a separate issue? Or my anxiety playing tricks on me. Granted I am going to use condoms from here on out and but my girlfriend always nags me about the condoms. But I will break up with her if she complains because this issue is causing major anxiety and putting me off sex a lot.

Please help me
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Would you be able to give some insight please
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Hi I took a urine test and the came to the conclusion that it was a UTI but told me they would look further into it because it couldve been chlamydia and it came out positive.

Would you be able to give me advice on my latest query please
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Im so sorry to be a pain. I honestly would just live some advice. Please anyone help me to understand.
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What is your question?
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Hi Vance,

My question is what is the likelihood that it is still chlamydia given that I have taken double doses over the past month?
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Very unlikely.
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