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Cholesterol and Lipid Panel

I see a psychiatrist and am in multiple medications(GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder and Bipolar2). My psychiatrist has me get a blood work up every year and calls me if he sees something. This year my triglycerides were at 535, I stopped taking a med and they went down to 212 over 3 last 3 months. My last lipid panel showed triglycerides 212, Cholesterol 191, LDL 122 and HDL 26. Results in 2020 were roughly the same numbers. I don’t really go to a General Practitioner unless it’s an emergency, do I need to see one regarding the slightly elevated triglycerides  and the really low HDL? Would rather not go if not necessary. These numbers were fasting from Midnight on.
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I've heard of meds increasing cholesterol but that's a pretty amazing jump and decrease just based on your meds. Which med was it, do you think?  I'm a big believer in a once a year physical. Even if you have health anxiety (as many anxiety patients do).  It gets less scary as you do it more. I don't know your age.  For some, even your ldl is too high and hdl too low. Do you exercise at all?  My hdl is traditionally low even when I am working out due to my crummy genetics (thanks mom and dad). So, that does happen but for many, that number can be boosted.  And ldl can lower bringing your cholesterol under the right number too. And yes, your triglycerides are still too high.  I'd want to talk to the doctor about this. There are things you can also add or avoid that will help.  Alcohol increases triglycerides,  Avoid things like white rice. this article you can copy and paste has many dietary things you can do to lower it. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/17583-triglycerides--heart-health  Your doctor will also have tips for you.
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Wondering if you followed up with your doctor yet!
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