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total cholesterol - 206


My total cholestrol is 206
triglyercides is 200
hdl - 112
ldl - 35
vldl - 41

Are they fine. Please let me know

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Can you post the reference ranges as all labs and countries differ with reference ranges?
Then others can answer your questions.
All the best :o)
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total cholestrol is 206 (upto 200)
triglyercides is 200  (upto 200)
hdl test - 112 (> 70)
ldl test - 35 (35-70)
vldl - 41 (20-40)

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You are borderline. It may be wise to start looking at what you eat as fresh fruit and veggies ( no packaged foods) makes all the difference. Try looking up .. Low GI diets. This is a good place to start before things get out of hand. If you have a bit of weight on you ... Then try and stick to all fresh foods.....
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also with hypothyroidism and high ( abnormal cholestrol) you want to run liver panels and look at filteration of that organ to improve both those other labs.
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