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can anal toy cause colitis?

I used a semi flexible anal toy that felt way too big after insertion ... we very gentle and used copuous amounts of lube. went about 6 inches deep and it caused instant orgasm, expulsion of toy, and then i immediately passed out.
i woke in the morning feeling completely exhausted, and the next day it was hard for me to walk...but no bleeding.
So I went to the emergency room because I felt like something just wasn't right, but I never told them what me my girlfriend did with the toy. I received an exam and they insisted it was my crohn's disease flaring up... i hadn't really had a crohn's flare up yet after being diagnosed with it 2 years ago because I went on a healthy diet.. but I took antibiotics they gave me. The next day my abdomen was having shooting pains all over and in the emergency room they said my entire colon was swollen and I had a slight rectal abscess. but no perforations.. they kept me for three days before I asked for a stool test because I pooped out a black orb of putridness. They informed me I had Cdiff... I took the vancomyocin for cdiff, the prednisone (gave me mad hullucinations) for crohns.
I finished the vancomyocin treatment and my stool is negative for cdiff and I don't have diahrea..I am still on antiinflammatories however my lower back and pelvis are still very sore. I have had MRI's of my intestines with and without contrast, ct scans, all from a Gastrol enterologists perspective. It has been six weeks and I can't sit without pain, poop without pain, any sort of movement of my pelvis hurts...and I am feeling like I have to poop most of the time but they are phantom.
The colonoscopy tells me I have colitis, hemmoroids. I have pain in my sacrum all day and my spine and pelvis pop with any movement which is very painful. Plus I have on and off pain just under my belly button. right now it feels like there is a burning acorn inside of my rectum about 5 inches in i'm guessing. and my back is completely sore. what the hell is happening to me? am I ever going to be alright again? is it crohn's/ colitis symptoms? or do I have a hernia of some sort?
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