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Another Ringworm outbreak, is it healing or getting worse? (w/ pics)

Got an outbreak of now 3, distinct ring rashes most likely ringworm on my left foot. For this one I'm really struggling recently as it literally itched and was so irritated this morning at 4:30 am it literally woke me up.

Since this morning its been pretty calm, but I just took my shower, put a fresh batch generic CVS ringworm cream on it, and now its been leaking a dark yellow fluid from the various lesions. Been dabbing it dry for the last hour or so with tissues (throwing them in the toilet to be safe) and it seems to have stopped for now but wanted to know if it was a normal part of the healing process and a sign its progressing towards going away or a redflag to get help.
Quick history of how I've been treating this one:

Used the last bit of leftover over the counter, generic CVS antifungal cream spread out over a few weeks/months whenever it became irritated enough to notice. Did not have enough left over to completely cure it, but kept the infection(s) from spreading and growing as well as keeping it not itching. This cream worked wonders on a previous infection of my upper calf (same leg) from 2012. During the 2012 infection I tried Lotrimin, which did nothing but make it worse. The rash/ringworm spread to about 6 different spots, 3 around the main site, 2 small spots on the opposite leg, and one on my upper left arm. Luckily the spots away from the main site I noticed in time and was able to NOT use Lotrimin on it, and they stayed extremely small. Eventually I got the generic CVS antifungal and it cleared up and soothed the main site completely within a month and the other 3 small beginning sites within a week or so. Also took a quick soak in a bath with a few caps full of bleach just in case (thats how worrying it was at the rate it was spreading)  

Now here is where the problems begin. Like I said I used up the last of the CVS cream which was bought in 2012... fastforward to about 2 weeks ago. I go out to get some more for this newest ringworm infection to get rid of it since I ran out and they apparently do not sell the same stuff anymore. I checked their site and could not find a similar tube, nor in store. I assumed their antifungal was made into another product like their athletes foot cream or their ringworm cream. As usual all the packages say athletes foot cream works on ringworm... and of course it doesn't. Anyway I got the athletes foot cream which has Tolnaftate 1%. The result of that was making the infection that was pretty flat and basically on the way out (see the second ring under the big toe is about 60% formed into a ring, this was almost gone) it made it super red, irritated, and amazingly itchy after using it about 4 days. Soon as I noticed how irritated it was I stopped. After about 2 days without it, it dried out and became less irritated but had still grown to a very large size thanks to this stuff... The same thing happened with the Lotrimin in 2012 .

This Tuesday I went back to CVS and got their ringworm cream specifically which has Clotrimazole 1% and the result as of today Friday is the pictures. I was hoping this would be the newer batch/branding of the old antifungal that worked in days, but now its looking irritated and super itchy again. And now its draining some dark yellow fluid from the various lesions.

Just wondering if this is normal or should I stop treatment with the product with Clotrimazole 1%?

To put it how bad it was this morning at 5am I looked on amazon for about 45 minutes half awake and bought $3 worth of tea tree oil. Next step is to try Lamisil, after that I think I might be out of options and need to see a doctor.  

Been struggling with batch for months now. It started off extremely light and was off and on annoying for months. I honestly cannot remember when it started by the last infection I remember clearly was February 2014 (which I think triggered this one by association) from my college yoga classes. Soon after starting about 3 weeks in I started to itch and assumed I got another one of these. Been an off and on struggle for years. But this one stayed very small until the last 3 weeks or so. Basically was barely there and needed something to give it the last kick off my body. Now its worse than ever.

I've been struggling on and off with Ringworm for almost 20 years now (first got it around age 7 or 8 after playing in the dirt with a friend haha.) That first infection was killer. It took over my whole ankle and after several creams it finally cleared up, while also making my face breakout randomly. I was ringworm free for years til I hit college then got outbreaks again. Now I'm trying to get rid of these last few since I graduated... would be the best graduation gift ever.

Any advice guys?
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Many a times, recurrent fungi, or zoophilic fungi fail to respond to eternal applications. Oral antifungals are prescribed in some, of course making sure it is not Nummular eczema.
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