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Dark Circles under Eyes

Does anyone know of any remidies, products, etc that will succefully get rid of dark cirles under your eyes? I have tried almost everything, cucumber, vitamin K, drinking more water, more sleep, multible eye creams, nothing seems to work well.... any tips?
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Hyperpigmentation Removal treatments are used to eradicate darkened areas of the skin which may result from hormones, sun damage, injuries, skin-type characteristics, medications and more.  Hyperpigmentation lesions can be anything from melasma/cholasma often attributed to pregnancy or hormonal imbalances to freckles.

The first step is consulting with a qualified surgeon or dermatologist to determine the cause and then go over your options for a solution.  For instance, you may be a candidate for hydroquinone use in hyperpigmentations but not laser resurfacing.  Some may only need medication cessation or substitution.

For surgical intervention an individual must be in good health, not have any active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions and must have realistic expectations of the outcome of your treatment.

Laser resurfacing is one among a host of options which you can check on the website quoted below. In this procedure, actual removal of the hyperpigmented areas is done via laser peels.  These treatments evaporate the first few layers (or even deeper) of damaged or pigmented skin to reveal fresh, even toned skin.

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