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Gristle-like Dot Under Skin of Penis and an Apparently Dromant Lump Above Testicle


While I am erect and masturbating I can feel a small gristle-like spot or lump or dot thing on the shaft of my penis. It is not painful at all but when masturbating it is uncomfortable and of course not pleasureable. I can masturbate but I "bump into it", if you will, and I still know it is there which is somewhat off-putting. It is rather difficult to find while flaccid and it is under the skin; while flaccid it is sort of under the head but due to being erect it appears to move down my shaft a bit. However, I can seem to move it slightly but it does seem to be fixed, and I haven't noticed any increase in size over the last few days.

I don't know if it is a hard gristle bump or if it is a sort of spot. I can't squeeze it because that would mean pinching my skin which would hurt a lot! I have had a look elsewhere online and I don't think it is a fordyce spot; it could be a lymphocele but it is apparently always present; it is not lichen planus; it is not genital warts; it is not a herpes or syphilis type of sore or ulcer and again it's not painful but is a bit uncomfortable while masturbating, as I said; I thought it could be peyronie’s disease but reading more about that, that is not causing my penis to curve; it is not molluscum contagiosum; and it doesn't seem like cancer of the penis and I am not worried about that, plus I am way younger than 60. It doesn't look as if it has any colour because it is under the skin and I can't actually see it. So I am not certain what it could be. I have noticed it only recently - I'd say in the last couple of weeks or so.

I do have a masturbation toy which you can have "sex" with but it is not well-designed, no matter what they try and advertise falsely, because it has become rather loose after use. Sorry to be graphic.

Other than that, I am at a loss.


P.S. As a separate question, I have had a pea or bean-sized lump above one of my testicles which I think is on the tube (I can't remember the name of the tube at the moment) for a number of years now. It might be connected to the testicle, for example like an islet but joined to a main mass of land by a small, narrow strip of land, but by feeling alone I can't tell properly. That is not painful at all and of course I am still here and it has not increased in size. It has never bothered me, and it just seems to be a random, rogue lump sort of like a stationary satellite around my testicle and apparently not doing anything. What do you think that might be?
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