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Help, scab from biting my lip!

So i am a lip biter and lip picker. I'm so bad at this that i do it until it is gushing blood sometimes. It is usually my inner right side of my bottom lip. It usually gets those weird feeling soft scabs (Looks like a Cole Sore) for a couple days. This last time i bit my lip, I made a hole (Like a crater) almost through to the other side of my lip. I do this when i'm stressed, or depressed. but i do it a lot even when i don't notice that i'm doing it. (Plus its stopped me from biting my nails.) And So this last time (About 2-3 days ago) i bit it all day! and now there is like a black and white scab in my mouth. Its mostly black with a white dot in the middle of it. it wont go away! and i do this a lot after biting my lip, i freak out thinking i could possibly deform my lip. or have a hole forever. i am thinking about getting a lip piercing later on where i bite my lip, (so i don't bite it anymore, i could twist the piercing with my tongue instead). but could someone please tell me why it is black? and could someone please tell me the estimate time it would take to go away? I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED! :D
NOTE: i have not made out with someone in over 3 months, so please do not be telling me its hiv, herpes, hpv, any of that!
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