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Help with red, hot, flakey face

Hello! Just recently I have had a problem with my face. Less than a week ago I went tanning and my face was fine. During last week and the week before I started using some acne cream on my face to clear up blemishes. About two days ago my face started to itch and peel but not like sunburn, just like it was dry. I tried to put moisturizer on my face  but it only burned and it has continued to peel and burn. My face has also been really red and hot (kind of like I have a fever but I feel fine). The red spots are blotches not streaks. I was wondering what the right steps would be to get this to go away and if it is serious. Thank you!  

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You had your tanning sessions prior to application of the acne cream or have you started applying the acne cream even before the tanning sessions?

This may be an allergic reaction to the tanning sessions which could have been aggravated by the previous applications of acne cream/ solution.

I suggest that you seek a prompt consult with a dermatologist. If this is contact dermatitis or allergic dermatitis you need topical administration of corticosteroids or if indicated oral medications.

Do not scratch or pick on the affected skin. Avoid any tanning sessions and stop using the acne cream until this has been assessed by your physician.
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