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Husband & I both have non--itchy rashes on buttocks

Hi! I hope to get a response to this! My husband and I have both broken out in non-itchy hives/rashes on our buttocks and hips.  I had one spot for a few days and then yesterday had about 20.  I figured it was a histamine response to something (has happened before) and took a Benadryl.  A few minutes later hubby was undressing and he has the same thing! He has had no allergy/histamine responses in life before.  Nothing itches and they are raised, reddish, but not itchy.  What could this be??  Can I try something at home before rushing off to two co-pays and a long wait at the doctor? THANK YOU in advance for your reply.
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Did the lesions disappear after taking the antihistamine?

Any common activity that you and your husband did together ( eg swim in the pool, sat down in the lawn ,bought new sets of clothes, changed the bedsheets, tried eating a new dish )?

Urticaria may present as reddish elevated papules over the skin and may be due to constant pressure, temperature changes ( sweating and hot baths), extreme exposure to heat or cold , as a reaction to certain allergens. Since you have noted that the lesions are not a itchy, an eczematous process may  not be likelybut is still a differential.

At this point, it may difficult to give a definite assessment since only a complete physical examination and medical history may be able to do that. Most of these lesions may be diagnosed on a clinical basis.

Apply cool compress over the area to relieve the redness or burning sensation if any. Maybe, it is best to trace back and account for any significant event or activity that could have been associated with its onset. Changing the bedsheets, checking the soap or detergents used may also help.Use mild soaps to wash the area. Keep underpants clean and dry and avoid sharing towels for now until this has been evaluated.

If the condition persists , it is best to consult a physician.

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