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I think I have a boil on the lip of my vagina

I recently got a bump that is on the lip of my vagina and it iches.  I have looked up lots of info on it and one said to put neosporin on it, so I did.  It was red first and then it pussed and keeps pussing.  How long does this last?  I have never gotten anything like this ever, so Im alittle concerned.  What can I do to get rid of this?  
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If there is persistence of pus, it may indicate infection and ineffectivity of the neosporin you used. This could be due to a Bartholin's cyst or abscess, sebacious cyst or a possible sexually transmitted disease.Hair follicles that have pulled out or the incidence of skin trauma may trigger the growth of sebaceous cysts. The presence of pubic hair in the vulva near the vagina would tend to result to vaginal lumps. Without infection, this usually goes away on its own.

On the other hand, the Bartholin's glands are located on each side of the vaginal opening and secrete fluid that helps lubricate the vagina. Sometimes the openings of these glands become obstructed causing fluid to back up into the gland, resulting in relatively painless swelling called a Bartholin cyst. At times, this fluid may become infected, creating a small area of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue or abscess.
Another differential is Genital herpes, which is a sexually transmitted disease. One of the symptoms of this condition is the breakout of skin bumps.which looks like a blister and turns crusty.

Are there other signsor symptoms present? It is best to see your gynecologist for proper evaluation and management. This is important to prevent possible complications that may arise.Take care and keep us posted.
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