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Mouth infection - Fungus??

Dear doctor
I hope you can help me. From years I have what I believe to be some sort of gum infection. It is developed on the back of my left gum you can’t see it when I smile.

It appear simply of a different colour from the rest of my gums it is deeper red. There is no bleeding nor pain but sometimes you can see some white stuff coming out when you touch it. However it does not look like any of the oral thrush picture I sow on the net.  

In the past 2 years it has gone worse because it seems to be moving forward and I now can see where the gum infection when I smile.

A few months ago I went to the dentist to ask for advice but did not seem to be able to give me a clear explanation he said it maybe a sort of fungus/Candida and gave me a mouth gel.

I went to another dentist to ask for a second opinion and he said I just need a higher standard of oral igene then he was very good at giving me advice on how to improve my smile with veneers. I had my mouth cleaned and said goodbye to another awful dentist.

I do not believe I ever have been diagnosed correctly and I would like to hear the opinion of an expert in gum disease. I hoping to find some professional advise from you and if you feel I need further assessment please direct me to the right people.

I believe my worries are justified and I hope to hear from you before late.

Many thanks

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