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Perioral Dermatitis for 8 months

Hi, I've been dealing with Perioral Dermatitis for 8 months straight it gets better at time with the medication but never actually clear completely. The first treatment that i got was minocycline 100mg/day for four months. The first three months it got better but was still there then on month 4 even if i was still on the antibiotic it came back full force. I then saw another dermatologist who prescribed me Elidel 1% to apply once a day.. It's been three months that I've been applying the cream and it got was better the first two weeks as if I was 100% clear though these past week my skin has been flaring up (having a flare-up as I'm typing this..). Another term suggested Soolantra (Ivermectin 1%) or Loprox (ciclopirox olamine 1%).. I am very scared to try those creme out because with my skin it either gets better right away and doesn't work after a while or gets extremely worse as soon as I apply.. Right now im doing the zero therapy (beside Elidel) and this is what seems to work best with my skin..Any moisturizer, toner, make-up or even gentle soap flares me up. I've never used steroid, I'm dairy and egg free (allergic), got gluten tested and im negative, SLS and fluorine free... Why am I still flaring up?? Could test be done in order to no if its fungal, bacterial or that my immune system is over reactive, can something be done?? I fell so self-contious and it's really affecting my confidence and my personal life.. HELP!!

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I've read where rotating treatments is recommended practice (I'm not sure why that works it just does).  And that initially, eg. with something like Retin A, the skin will get worse for the first 1-3 weeks before settling in and gradually improving (which, can take 4-6 months or even longer).

Else maybe, rotate more frequently and not wait until it's returned?  4 months on one such med may be too long a time.  Are you reviewing the med details at rxlist.com?  I'm puzzled at why you would switch dermatologists.
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