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Rash on upper inner left thigh ???

      Hello I have had a rash for this past week, I have an appointment with a dermatologist on Tue but I was hoping for a little info possibly.  It's only on my left upper inner thigh real close to my scrotum.  It's red and kind of burns occasionally there is also some small breakout of little red bumps.  It doesn't itch however.  I have been keeping the area very clean by showering frequently and using mild soap and water  and I have been  getting some relief by usuing some Neosporin.  It's very raw and sensitive in one small particular spot almost as if the skin is chaffed and that is where I have been rubbing some Neo in hopes that it might help heal that spot. Are there any rashes that target a certain area like that ? I hasn't spread anywhere else.    Also I have another pre existing issue in the same location but on both sides of my upper inner thighs.  They are makings that stretch up my legs about three inches up to my scrotum area also.    I have looked into possible STD's that have these same markings and couldn't find anything that matched up other than straie.  The similarities to stretch marks seem to match as far as the skin being almost indented underneath creating a crepe like thin feeling under the markings but the concern is that they seem to be moving up further and future toward my scrotum.  I have had no significant weight loss or anything so not sure why the markings occured.  I first noticed the marks 5 years ago at least and they have progressively grown but never  concerned me till recently because of the new rash in the same area ( only on the left )  and the fact that the marks seem to be attempting to spread up further to the skin very near my scrotum.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated   !!!  Could these marks that look and seem like they are stretch marks be something else , maybe STD ? I haven't found any STD's with similar traits.    Thanks !!!!!  
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Any ideas would be greatly appreciated !!!! Thanks
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