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Small White Bump on Upper Lip

What is this small white bump on my 11 year old upper lip?

My boy has a small white bump on his upper lip.  It appears it can be squeezed as a pimple.  I don't want to squeeze and force this out if it is NOT a pimple.  It is not open.   It is hard under the skin.  It is white.  

Reading the other "Small White Bump on lip" it resembles those in question?

Is it a wart?  

I read, during pregnancy, HPV warts are transferable to the infant if birth is through the birth canal.   Could this be a HPV wart?  At his age 11, which was never noticed. As I have always been concerned about.

I would like to have it cut out, vs the freeze though DO NOT want a scar on this young guy.

He has had some major sun blistors from previous summers as he is out in the sun - athletics / beach.  Could this be a long lasting blister that never surfaced to exit..... a hard oil gland - pimple that it too hasn't surfaced to exit.

Your suggestion.  

A dermo visit is on the list for removal of a planter wart on the bottom/side of his foot.  We will have this looked at while on this visit...

Thank you.

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