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early aging


I just turned 28 years old so im still young but im not looking as young as i should. About 8 months ago i started noticing changes in my skin as far as black circles and lines under my eyes. After that i rapidly started noticing lines devloping on the lower sides of my mouth and smile lines. In a couple of months i got lines on my forehead and my skin feels loose. I moisterize daily with a good moisterizer and sunscreen. I look totally diffrent then what i did 8 months ago. I stoped smoking and i havent lost or gained alot of weight so what might be going on to cause this  and how can i make it stop?

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Has any one else mentioned these changes to you? This seems baffling however, we do need to exclude sources of stress and anxiety which may cause some changes in physical appearances.Have you been ill lately? Are you taking any medications? Any problems at work or at home? Are you getting adequate sleep everyday? Any changes in diet? Any concerns with relationships? An objective, third person observation is needed to be able to ascertain this. I suggest you see a psychologist to evaluate your condition. Your primary physician may also be able to guide you.

Do keep us posted for your answers.
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   this is not in my head i assure you. Yes everyone else has noticed my skin changes. Im under minnor stress but nothing terrible. I have been wanting to go to the dermatologist but visits cost to much. Is there any other health issues besides stress and diet that can cause the breaking down of the skin. Im also noticing lines on my neck and chest also.
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