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need help diagnosing a persistent rash on my face

Hi, I have been struggling with a rash on my face for a year and would appreciate opinions what else to try and what might be the cause.

The rash on my face began 14 months ago. The scope and intensity varies over time (it even went away for a few months last summer). Generally it is angry, red, inflamed, and itchy when there are new eruptions. Often it has dry flaky scales Sometimes there are white bumps on top of the pink/red bumps.

I am a woman, age 53, still menstruating, with recently increased hair growth on face.
The rash started November 2014 (after a prolonged runny nose) as an irritation on the diagonal lines coming down from the nostrils to the sides of the month (it started on one side as one pimple, then more and spread to the other side). A few weeks after the initial irritation, I tried over-the-counter steroid cream for a few days, but did not see any change and discontinued application.

The rash slowly spread to around one eye, then the other eye and forehead. It itches when new irritation develops.

Two months later, in January 2015, a dermatologist diagnosed Perioral Dermatitis and wanted to prescribe a strong topical cream for two months, but said that it may just disappear by itself in a month or two as the weather warms up. So, I did not take the cream. It did not disappear in warm weather.

I started using a soap, gel and cream combination from Osmia Organics that claims to help. I used for a few weeks, with no results, stopped the creams, but stayed with the soap. I tried several other natural topicals with no improvement.

The irritation traveled from one area to another, staying in one area for a few weeks.
Another dermatologist said that it's like dandruff and advised me to wash my face with dandruff shampoo. I applied it for 2-3 weeks but saw no improvement.

In July 2015, another dermatologist prescribed Ketoconazole cream twice a day. I was not applying it consistently (using only once a day), but did not see any results and stopped using it.

At the end of August 2015, my face cleared up by itself.

In November 2015, the rash reappeared.

In December 2015, I went to a Chinese medical doctor and acupuncturist. I had five sessions of acupuncture and cupping. He gave me several Chinese pills (Ba Zhen Wan/restorex tea pill; Xiao Vao Wan/relax extract; Yinchiao tablet/cold season's support; and (according to him a strong natural antibiotic) Xue Du Qing/derma care from within. I took as prescribed for one week, while coming in for treatments, but the rash continued to spread and I discontinued taking them and stopped the treatments.

In January 2016, I went to a health center and the therapist suggested that it could be mites. They had no way of verifying (lacked a microscope).

A new dermatologist prescribed Minocycline 75mg x 2 day. But with possible side effects such as permanent blindness and death, I am really afraid to take it.


PLEASE, any suggestions?
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