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red, dry skin on penis

Let me start by saying that I have had two or three small red spots on the right side of my penis for years which I believed was simply a form of psoriasis that I had when I was a teenager (I think it was called guttate psoriasis) and it still pops up occasionally. I used to have a steroid creme that I would put on it and it would make it go away, only to reappear at a later date. Recently I noticed the spots becoming much more red and they became irritating, so I tried applying some neosporin and hydrocortisone. The problem got much worse, now I have a red itchy, burning red spot on the right side of my penis just below the head. It is very sensitive to hot water and touch, and it becomes flaky and peels at times. I have tried many different OTC ointments, including the ones I mentioned above, along with aloe vera and even a vitamin D lotion...nothing helps. I did have a one night stand with a women about 3 weeks ago, however I wore a condom. Even though I used protection I am still worried about this encounter because of things I have heard about this girl since, and the fact that the condom did almost slip entirely off at one point during sex. I fear that I may have contracted some form of STD. I do not have any pain when I urinate, however I have noticed that my semen seems much thicker and is colored more yellowish green, I assume that this is probably just because I have been masturbating much, much less since the problem got worse but I'm worried it may be a sign of something else. I have an appointment to get checked for std's this week at a free clinic. My question to you is if I am clean and they rule out STD's, what should I try next? Also, what is your opinion? Does it sound like it could be ghonorrhea or something else?

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From the symptoms two possibilities are there. First possibility is of any sexually transmitted disease and second possibility is of a fungal infection. Apart from getting the complete STD panel of investigations, also get a KOH examination of the skin scrapings or a fungal culture done to rule out any fungal infections. Beyond that it is very difficult to comment at this stage without any examination and investigations.
Hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries. Warm regards.

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