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Getting to Know Each Other .. Let's See ...

Do you have a secret success somewhere in your past that you'd like to share?  Have you ever won anything?  Is there a particular color you are drawn to and why?  An activity you particularly enjoy?  A dream?  These are just little tidbits of trivia that may help us to get to know each other a little more and are fun facts to share.  Anything is fair game ... let's just laugh and smile with each other ... :)  
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Here goes ...

I played french horn, sat first chair, and traumatically missed my bus when the band teacher asked if I'd play french horn rather than the saxaphone

Won a TV in a credit union raffle ... there went my chances to win the lottery .. lolll

Love the color blue, find the sky and the water more beautiful and alluring

Enjoy museums, science, music, festivals and new adventures

Dream -  Looking forward to meeting four very special people .. 3 helped me find value in myself - 1 of which provided the epiphany to change my life ... and 1 who helped me keep going at a time when I wasn't sure I could.  Have never met any of them in person ... the power of the friendships formed on the Internet is life-changing.  Guess that's the best reason I can think of to stay engaged here at MedHelp!  :D

Oh .. and for a little humor .. (I can laugh about it now) ... I lost nearly half of my hair ...
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Okay,let me see................I graduated in the top 10 of my Nursing class.

I love country life....goats,chickens,ducks,dogs, and cats! Just added 3 baby kittens to my haven.

I am a good cook.....love all the new recipes on healthy cooking.

I am called QVC Queen....just love home shopping network!

I have 5 grown children...3 girls and twin boys! 8 grandchildren.

I love the color red.....and also black.

I have never ate liver in my life and never will!!

I fry squirrel with the head attached!! Trout,too.

I hate card games...never played cards in my life and have no desire too.

I am never late for anything.

I love rodeos,car races.....anything exciting!!

Country music

I live to read.....i will read shampoo bottle labels in the bathroom...lol

Of course.....I love MedHelp and all my new friends! :)
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This is a very fun idea, thank you!

I ALSO played French horn!  I stopped in high school, but was really good once upon a time.  I won contests and made it into "elite" bands and orchestras.

I love purple, all shades.  Pink is nice, too.  But in highschool, I wore black all day everyday.  (Thought it was cool!)

I got my Ph.D. in chemistry in 2007.  I am really, really proud of myself about it, esp. since I started my chemistry education at community college.

I did gymnastics and jazz dance all through childhood, though I was always big.  Even at my heaviest, as an adult, I could (and can) still do cartwheels.

I worked in restaurants all through undergrad, and really liked making people happy through good service and good food.  It's a dream to one day be part of that kind of business (like maybe a partial owner of a cool place).

I love music and singing, and am very dramatic.  It's a dream of mine to be either in a music or acting group, or both.

I am totally terrified of all bugs.

Looking forward to reading other replies!
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I have a twin sister im 3 minutes older :) im bossy haha

Im the oldest of 7 siblings.. 1 Full sisther and brother. a half sister from my mom..the other 4 half sibs from my father aka sperm donor

I love the color green :)

I love to read i can read a whole book in a day :) if i have the whole day to do soo..which ive read several in one day :)

Im a very creative person :) love to draw write color make projects

my obbsesion as of now is my photo album about 99% of my pix of ME i took which i think im a natural lol the photo album is of just me and my boyfriend 99% of all the pix takin by me of course :)

I have a great boyfriend of a year and 8 months he spoils me which is a good/bad thing hes the love of my life

I love my hair i had beautiful hair. till i cut it all off now im waiting for it to grow back cant wait :)

I love music most types :) i love my green ipod its a great thing to own comes in handy most days :)

I have a gorgeous lil nephew who just turned one not even a month ago hes very smart for his age.

I cant wait to have a baby (boy) been TTC since january 08 after a m/c

I live in the wonderful state of green trees oregon

I have the coolest lil dog remy shes great shes a chi chi not sure how to spell it correctly lol the taco bell dog :)

I love to cook..ill make a great house wife someday i also love to clean most days.

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I am the oldest of 6 kids and helped to raise my younger brothers.

I graduated from high school with honours but didn't do any post-secondary school education until I found myself as a single mother needing to make more money.  I put myself through Business Admin at the university at night while raising my son, working a demanding full time job and while suffering from ulcerative colitis (after almost losing my life to a bowel perf I had surgery which has cured me).  I am very proud of this.

My career has been quite successful.  I work in the software industry and have been involved in several start ups where I opened the markets for the products in Canada.

I love the colour red and am relaxed by the colour turquoise.

Cooking is my passion.  I collect cookbooks and take gourmet cooking courses.  My husband (2nd) is very happy :)  My dream is to have a shop where people can buy gourmet cooking supplies and take out gourmet food that I cook.  This will preferably happen in a small town on the lake where I hope to buy a cottage soon.

I love a robust red wine and am happy that I've been able to work in a glass every once in a while into my calorie counts.

I am a voracious and very fast reader of murder/legal mysteries, cookbooks, anything.

I love TV - CSI's, Law & Order's, American Idol, Canadian Idol, Dancing with the stars, ER, Grey's Anatomy, the Closer, Cold Case, Bones, political satire, Food channel, decorating shows, etc.

I do stained glass work when I can find the time.

I hope that my son (almost 23) will marry a wonderful girl and provide me with grandchildren I can spoil and love.

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I have has a 4.0 (or higher) since 5th grade and got "scholar of the college" with 3 others when I got my bachelor degree.

I enjoy taking pictures and editing them, and I also enjoy reading.

A dream would be to live in another country for more than 6 months.
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When I was a teen I got my Sr. Lifesaving and used to swim 1 mile a day + ride my bike on 15 mile trips all in the same day.

I type very fast and learned on a MANUAL typewriter & can take shorthand and still transcribe the words .. once you learn shorthand it's like riding a bike, you never forget.

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I am 28 yrs old
I have 4 kids 6,5,4, and 3, 2 boys and 2 girls
I'm a single mother
I play volleyball
Love to play pool.
Take my kids to cub scouts and daisies
Want to join Karate
Love to learn more about scrapbooking, I do some now.
Ran for class president in the eighth grade and was on the honor roll
Played the piano, still like to learn to play more.
Love to sing.
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