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WoWWW ... can hardly believe we're at Day 9 already!!! This challenge, "Believe In Yourself" ... really is an opportunity to claim your life! Change your words to "Can" and "Will" ... it is self motivating!

Please reach out and post and let everyone know how you're doing. Win, lose or draw, we're all here for help and support and we'd love to hear from you.

Here's your link for Day 9 - http://tinyurl.com/44b3ql
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Doesn't seem like the video is uploaded yet .. so if it isn't when you view the links, please check back later.  Thanks for your patience.
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Well, I'm back from our Thanksgiving weekend trip and 2 big meals.  I am up a bit but am not going to let that get me down.  I am back at it this morning.  Seeing family again was very good for the confidence as they could tell I had been losing weight and loved the compliments!  
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I have been doing Tae Bo excersices at night. My leg muscles and butt is spasming but I know they feel the burn.  I splurged a lot over the weekend. Went out on a date saturday night and the restaurant he chose wasn't good for my diet. I haven't even dared weigh myself again but I am doing better now that the week has started again.
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I went biking with my kids today. Last week I actually got on a bike for the first time in like fifteen years, and today we went on a trail for about an hour. ( couldnt get much more out of them I was ready for more!)
I am very excited to be doing well.
I have trouble with my thyroid that makes me loose and gain weight in a blink of an eye literally, also I am very deficient in several Vitamins  and minerals. My ultimate goal is not to try and fixate on numbers, but to eat healthy, become chemically balanced and be a good example for my family.
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Wellllllllllllllllllll  I bought some kettle corn and you guys are right (again) .. it helps with that crunch carb flavor behavior I'm needing to fulfill when I get that carb crunch urge!

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Amazing and "real" stuff going on here; your honesty and commitment to yourselves and your plans is a testament to your dedication!!!!  So very proud of each of you!!!  

Regrouping, getting back on track, trying new exercises, pushing yourselves to go the extra mile, learning new eating patterns ... all the very best lessons from our journeys.

Absolutely GREAT job!!!  

It's 4 am and I've got to be to work at 5 am today; huge deadlines .. so there will not be a video today and I'll have to answer other messages and welcome others to the community tonight or early tomorrow morning.  If you get a chance, please reach out to our new members ... thanks sooo much ...

I'm headed out into the rain storm and am looking forward to 7:30 as there is a cafeteria at work and I am going to have eggs and toast.  Grabbing an individual container of yogurt now to tide me over.  

(((Hugs))) and have a terrific day!  

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Feeling really positive, after a frustrating plateau and actually gaining a couple of pounds (despite doing everything right) I have kept with the program and seem to have got over that nasty little hump as I have lost the 2lbs I'd regained and lost a further pound. Whew! Thanks to the Challenge and  Ranae's inspirational videos and great exercise videos I am back on track - thanks Ranae :-)
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YOU ROCK!!!!  What a MILESTONE!!!  YOU implemented your CAN DO attitude and survived a frustrating plateau and came back stronger and lost an additional pound.  What a true inspiration you are!!!  

Very well Charmaine ... (((applause))) (((applause))) (((applause))) .. stand up and take a well deserved bow!!!  YOU did the WORK!!!

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