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So What Did YOU Eat for Breakfast????

This morning I had 3 wheat pancakes .. just by themselves.  I enjoy the "earthy" taste and texture!  Was thinking though .. about taking a can of pumpkin and putting in the pumpkin pie spices and a little Splenda ... and warming it up for a topping.  Would add a vegetable to my breakfast!  

Anybody else have some creative and new ideas to share?  Let's have fun and mix it up a little!  There is absolutely NO reason to feel deprived when choosing to eat healthy and experience all the benefits of that choice!

Caring (((Hugs))) ...
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I will often make low fat ricotta pancakes with blueberries.  I make a rhubarb sauce and add just a little bit of maple syrup to it and use it on the pancakes.  Love them!  

I also like cooking an egg in a small amount of olive oil in a non stick pan along with a small piece of whole grain toast and low cholesterol margarine.  I will include a piece of fruit.  

It is blueberry and raspberry season so also love taking corn flakes, Special K, etc. and loading up with fresh fruit and low fat milk.  Yogurt with flax seed or a bit of low fat granola is also on my menu with a piece of fruit.
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I eat a fat free yogurt every day and sometimes a fiber bar. They give me my sweets fix for the day. The yogurt has protein to help keep me full and they both have carbs to give me energy. All the fiber in the fiber bar helps keep me from getting hungry too. I also need at least one meal of the day to be really easy or I'll eat things I shouldn't. I cook for everybody all day and if breakfast wasn't mindless I think I would skip it. Which we all know is a big NO NO! No dirty dishes, unless you count the spoon and I can eat it in the car. I can also break it up and eat the fiber bar for a snack if I think I might not get back in time for lunch. That keeps me from wanting to grab fast food.
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Either a bowl of Honey nut cheerios with fat free milk or two enriched toaster waffles (either blueberry or apple cinnimon) no syrup.  I eat them like toast as I walk around the house straitening up before work.  On the way to work I'll have an apple or pear.  Then about 9:45 I have my second breakfast.  Low fat yogurt or cottage cheese with a little blackberry preserve stirred in and a cup of tea.
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bagel and 8oz fruit jucice .. plain bagel and no lunch (yet).  and my usual coffee . Now off to chart it on my food diary.
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What AWESOME ideas for Breakfast!!!!  Can hardly wait to try some of them!  Thanks!!!

Trudie .. can you post the ricotta pancake recipe here and/or in a new thread?  Would really like to try them.  The price of the blueberries and raspberry has really dropped with them being in season so I picked up some extra containers and put them in the freezer!  Blueberries are my favorite and FULL of antioxidants!

tigerlilly .. you definitely have and are working your plan!!!  YEAHHH YOUUUU!!!!  Great ideas and sound reasoning!  Positive Plan!

sunshine .. I'll have to look for the waffles .. and stirring in a little bit of preserves to flavor your yogurt .. that is great.  I have some "all fruit" that would work well.  Sometimes I use 1/4 cup of oatmeal stirred in with my yogurt as well .. for texture and it fills me up.

CCN - Great to see you .. and I am going to follow suit and go post in my Food Diary.  Did not do that while in KC and need to get back on track.  BTW --- you need to stop and go eat lunch .. and so do I.

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Breakfast changes every day as I have made the 'fat loss for idiots 11 day plan' my staple diet. The diets aim to lose weight without collapsing your metabolism into starvation mode. I've tried starvation and it doesn’t work. Yeah you lose weight fast, but the second you eat again the weight absolutely PILES on; it's a nightmare! Anyway, the 11 day plan is ok most of the time, although it can generate some rather funky meal combinations! Some examples:

* Broiled prawns and fat-free cottage cheese
* Boiled eggs and Broiled prawns
* Low fat soy milk and broiled fish
* Cashew nuts and Tuna
* Scrambled eggs and oranges.
* Grapes and Baked Beans

This would be a perfect diet for overweight, red meat eaters although it can prove a little challenging to us fish and veg lovers. I've noticed a general lack of energy due to the low carbohydrate intake and massive amounts of exercise. They recommend two thirty minute walks a day, but because I'm already underweight I have to exercise for hours a day to manage even the slightest weight decrease (it is very frustrating!) This diet is not Atkins, it provides a really good mix of foods if you are able to eat them.

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I eat a snickers marathon nutrition bar because I am short on time in the mornings and it fills me up plus takes care of my vitamins.
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You know what would be great on those pancakes?  When I make protein pancakes, for a topping I take frozen blueberries and add a spoon of water and heat them in a pan, when they unthaw crush the berries and stir until they start to thicken a bit, only takes a few minutes.  It is like syrup and is nice and sweet and no need to add any sugar so your syrup is just pure blueberries!!  You can do it with any frozen berries.
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A friend of mine in Costa Rica gave me something new to try.  You take Garbanzo beans and puree them with a little lemon juice ... kind of like humus.  Then spread on a piece of whole grain toast and add a few slices of banana on top.  THAT is going to be my breakfast in the morning.  

I'm finding it so fun finding new foods and new ways to enjoy it .. and absolutely do no feel deprived or hungry.

What are you trying?  OR .. what is your favorite breakfast????
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Every morning lately Ive been having almost half a cup of unsweetened apple sauce with a hand full of frozen blueberries. Very tasty.
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