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Sunday Weigh In November 20, 2020

Good morning - well, I guess it's afternoon, isn't it?  I'm running really late today as we had some errands to run and wanted to get them done before everything got busy.  It's a typical holiday season here and one you'd never know there's a pandemic in process.  

Anyway, there's not a lot going on right now - just trying to get through the holidays.  Although we debated whether to have Christmas, we decided that it would be okay as long as we keep it very small and confined to family only and only a couple households.  In view of that, I've been busy decorating and making things for Christmas.  The kids always want money so that's easy enough but I do get them some other things, in addition.  This year, I'm trying to make as much as I can.

I'm back to trying to do my walking on as many days as I can.  Right now, we're keeping it to every other day as going every day seems to be a bit too much for my foot.  I still have nearly 4 weeks left in the boot and the fact that there's still pain if I do too much on it, shows that it's not healed yet.  

I've really tried to curtail my food intake, since I can't do a lot of exercise, but I have run across a few I can do even with the boot so I'm trying to make a point of doing "some" exercise every day.  

My efforts are paying in that my weight seems to have stopped going up.  I haven't lost anymore but am the same as last week so not gaining either.  Wheww!!  Considering how much trouble I've had staying stable or losing this year, I'll take  simply not gaining, especially now, over the holidays.  

So how about you?  I hope you're all ready for the holidays, whether you're having a gathering or simply spending it at home with members of your own household.  I'm also hoping you were able to meet or exceed whatever goals you made for the week.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Barb, that's great news that you can walk at all. I hope it heals faster now that they have you booted.

I'm down about .9 of a pound from last week, that's good! But from two weeks ago, I think still up about .4 of a pound, since I gained in the week after that weigh-in. It's become very clear that at this exercise level (i.e., low), if I cut out the sweets and have a salad instead of dinner a night or two a week, I can lose about a pound a week, so I'm going to keep at it.

We're doing some Christmas things, but it's been time-consuming. We sent out cards for my husband's business in a timely way, but I haven't finished the photo layout for the family Christmas cards -- I got the photos printed and laid them out, and my son came in and announced he didn't like the photo of him or of me, so is going to look through his photos and link me some to use instead. I pointed out that today is the 20th, and he said he'd hurry. I think he's off taking a bath now, though.

We've been edging into a little bit of baking, and are going to move to the farm for the next couple of weeks. That's a hassle, and if it were me, I'd do on the 26th. But the guys want to be at the farm on Christmas. I hope they don't know I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. (We know what each of their presents is, because they picked big single items this year, so there's not much shopping to do, but I have to get things to put in the stockings at least.)

If I can get the cards in the mail tomorrow, I'll be much more cheerful. It's a roadblock every year, and I always think it shouldn't be. Worst comes to worst, I'll skip the cards, but hate to -- they're a good way to keep in touch with a more distant circle of friends and relatives without having to do a lot, and it seems like this year we need to stay connected more than ever.

Have a great week and a good Christmas!

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Yes, I guess I am lucky to be able to walk at all.  I suspected when I was put back into the boot, I might also be relegated to the scooter again, too.  I still have places that are quite painful when I step sometimes,  but hopefully it's beginning to heal so that by the time another 4 weeks goes by, it will be good.  

You're doing quite well, over all with your weight, even if you are up 0.4 lbs over a longer term.  You know now that cutting sugar is a key, so you'll be better able to stay with it.

I finally got Christmas cards mailed out early last week... I was beginning to think I'd need to hang onto them so they'd be ready for next year.  I'm sure most of them won't arrive at their destinations by Christmas though.  I mailed cards to my son and his family (I put several cards in one envelope so they all get there at once) on the 11th and they still haven't arrived.  Fortunately, I did send them priority so I have tracking number, but that does little good when they stop updating the tracking - all it's said for the past 4 days is that the package is "going to be late, but it's on its way to the next transit station.  He lives in a suburb of Kansas City and it arrived in KC on the 14th, but hasn't moved since.   I get that Christmas cards are a nice way to keep up with distant family/friends, though.  We've gotten a lot fewer cards this year than we normally get, though.  

I'm done with all my shopping, except for 2 small gifts I need to pick up - probably will do that tomorrow.  I do have all my baking to get done.  That will be tomorrow and Wednesday.  Our daughter and her family are coming for Christmas Eve, so Thursday will be spent cleaning and preparing last minute food.

Have a wonderful Christmas.
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