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Compression stockings

How long do your compression stockings work?  Most brands state they should last 6 months.  Mine always start to stretch out after 2 weeks, and by 5-6 weeks, the tops of the thigh-highs are around my calves.  My doctor says this is common, but the medical supply fitter says he's never heard of this.  If you all have trouble too, I think we should let the companies know.  It just really steams my rice for something to cost that much and perform so poorly.
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I experience the same problem you are describing with your thigh-high compression stockings.  I've yet to come up with a solution.  Currently, I only use them about a 0-4 days per month.  I can't afford to continually replace them, (although I have heard that they are covered by insurance, and plan to look into that), so I rely on hoping they will shrink between uses.

When I do purchase compression stockings, I generally buy both a pair of knee-highs and thigh-highs.  The knee-highs actually last much longer, (likely because there is less stretching going on), but they don't work near as well.  Have you tried the waist-high ones?  I haven't myself, but I'm curious if they are any better.
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I was instructed to purchase compression hose by my EP cardio and have been putting it off due the overwhelming choices / brands online.  I have decided to start with knee-length and thigh length until I get used to the compression. Does anyone have any favorite brands?

BTW I have NCS

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1. They are convered by insurance, but only a certain number per year.  Probably because they're supposed to last six months :P
2. I started with waist-high, and they just slithered down until they bunched at the knees and ankles, which completely cut off my circulation.  
I have found, though, that by going a size smaller than the fitter thinks I should, they still work once they're stretched out, which means less sagging and bunching.

For Jenn: I've used Jobst, which didn't fit well and stretched.  Now I have Medi thigh-highs, which fit really well for about a month til they stretch.  They seem to have better sizing, and there's a petite length.  I should fit normal length, and yet they're about 3 inches too long.  Go figure.  So far, my best have been Ames Walker.  They don't take insurance, but they're much cheaper, so I fill in with those when the "quality" name brand ones die.
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I use waist high, and haven't had a problem with them bunching down toward my ankles yet.  However, I bet I wear them about one day a month.  I tried wearing them regularly, but found it impractical.  One problem I run into is that if I accidentally fall asleep with them on, I start to lose circulation in my feet.

Mine are covered by insurance (3 pairs every 6 months).  AireScottie, what mmHg compression are you getting?  Perhaps if your doctor ordered a different compression you wouldn't have the same problems?  Mine are 30-40 mmHg graduated waist high.  
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I also have 30-40 compression, but I can't walk around for more than ten minutes without them, so they're on every day.  I have less than 5% of my autonomic nerves left, so it's a constant battle to treat.  I'd love 40-50 or 50-60 compression!  When looking at my used stockings compared to new, it's obvious the used ones are much larger, which is why I'm so suspicious of the company claims of 6 months.  Thanks for your thoughts :)
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They do make higher levels of compression than 30-40 ... I know some people on another board that swear by them.  Have you asked your doc if trying stronger compression would be appropriate?  That's about the only idea I can come up with.  I do know that the manufacturers sell those special cleansers of their own that supposedly help them last longer than washing them in regular soap, but I'm apt to think that's all a ploy to make money.  I suppose I'd want to know if the ingredients are really different.  And you're absolutely NOT supposed to wash them in Woolite for some reason--not sure why though?

Wish I could be of more help.  :-/
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