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Unable to answer posts - DD in Hospital

Sorry ladies, I will get back when DD is home and better. I'll update when I can
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I hope everything is ok!  Keep us posted and take care!
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Thanks ladies :-) Peyton is doing much better and she can probably go home today. Her RSV came back negative so they are thinking probably Bronchiolitis. I'll talke more to the doc today.
I brought her to the ER Sunday evening b/c she had a really hard cough, rapid/labored breathing and was wheezing. She got 3 nebulizer treatments in an hour and a half in the ER which helped some, but her stats still didn't stay up. Monday night we thought she was doing better, but when she got into a deep sleep her O2 stats dropped into the low 80's again and she required oxygen all night. At her 12a.m albuterol treatment early Tuesday morning I noticed she sounded like everything was breaking up and she had a productive cough. She was on no oxygen all day yesterday (even naps!!) and while napping kept it at 94%. They did 4hr checks on her last night instead of constant monitoring and she was in the high 90's each time which is great! So, hopefully we'll see the docs in a few hours and we'll be on our way home :-) Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers :-)
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I'm so glad she is getting better hun!  Sounds like you have a little fighter on your hands which is GREAT!  You are still in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully she gets to go home soon!
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