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natural supplements

hi guys, its been a while since surgery still no change although my symptoms have been getting worse, gyno wants me to have more surgery but I feel like surgery has made it much worse and would like to try some new natural supplements I have been hearing about recently and I was wondering if anyone has tried them.
*royal jelly
*bee pollen

If so which one was it? did it help with pain? did it help you conceive? how long did it take to conceive while using it?and how long you took it before getting results?
Thanks heaps for taking the time to answer my questions I really really appreciate it XxX
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I took evening primrose oil for awhile and thought it worked pretty well...as for conceiving I did enough research to ask my doc to test my progesterone levels and they were low which is common in endo ladies...something as simple as taking a progesterone pill helped me get pregnant within a few months of starting to try...
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well I had blood tests done and my gyno told me I wasn't ovulating :( but im having more tests to find out why...they think I might also have pcos, I have herd a lot of women talk about evening primrose oil and was thinking about giving it a go thanks for your reply and congratz on the pregnancy x
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Just an update ......I think they did work I have been trying for 5 years with the help of so many doctors and pills and have never been pregnant but after taking royal jelly, vitex, bee propolis and bee pollon  for 2 months I am pregnant!!!! 5 pregnancy tests all say positive :D
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Oh and maca
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