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ED and benzos

I've been dealing with some ED just as I am about to penetrate, happens even with Cialis 20mg.  Pretty convinced it's an anxiety issue because I can be hard as a rock before my current FWB arrives.  

My question is really about meds like Klonopin and Valium.  I've read that they interfere with erections however small doses like 0.5 or 1mg have gotten me through highly stressful situations and the occasional life freakout. I aced an important software exam once thanks to a 0.5 Valium.

Do low doses of a benzodiazepine not reduce occasional performance anxiety associated with sex?  Please note I don't view them as party drugs.
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That's a great question. The problem is that benzos can have a reverse effect on libido and erection. But what is the threshold dose where you'd see that? I would ask your doctor!
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