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foul smelling flatulence all time

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Hello everybody,

I have just encountered this site and felt little bit confident after knowing that I am not alone, and people are on way to their solutions. I hope I will solve my problem too.

I am 27, male, software engineer, Germany. I am having this problem for around one and half years and still I did not find any solution.

I release gas all the time, I don't smell it but all people around me hold their noses, scratch their face.  So it is obvious to me that the gas I release smells. Not only that, my breath also stinks. regardless of how good I brush and how long I brush, my breath stinks. So people are thinking that I am a nasty guy who do not brush and fart always.

I was emotionally forced to leave my job because of this problem, because whenever somebody comes to our office room, they complain that it smells like sewage and my colleagues stare at me suggesting that I am the reason. My colleagues discuss internally that I am the reason for the company losses because clients are not showing interest to come to our office.

I left my job and went to different doctors, they all hear to me, they don't consider it serious, they do only some routine tests like blood test and ultra scan. They will find nothing negative in the tests and come to a conclusion that it is infection caused by bacteria and give some antibiotics. But none of them helped me. Even in colonoscopy, nothing negative showed up. I took activated charcoal pills too, it did not help. I have used flat-d underwear, it did not stop my foul smell. doctors checked my anus through finger and told me that there is no damage near the anus.

I even went to homeopathy doctor, she told me it could be bacterial infection and gave some medicines but they too did not help me.

symptoms and observations:

I feel that I release more gas when I sit.
I have some sort of mild burning sensation near my left chest after eating.
I release foul smelling gas whether I eat or starve.
I have wetness near my anal region.
My breath also smells bad.

tests done /results
Blood test                            :  no problem found
Ultra scan(routine abdomen)   : no problem found
Colonoscopy                        : no problem found

I don't know what to do now. I got a job in USA now, planning to go to USA in 2 months and desperately want to find a solution to my problem before going to USA.

Can anybody throw some light on my problem?

Thank you very much in advance.

I hope we all will find some solution to this life ruining problem.

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Hi i have the exact problem it so embarrassing can't play sport like I used to an go clubbing or even a simple BBQ family gathering the worst thing I can't smell the stink I produce but it's obvious others can
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Hi i have the exact problem it so embarrassing can't play sport like I used to an go clubbing or even a simple BBQ family gathering the worst thing I can't smell the stink I produce but it's obvious others can
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Hey Laura, did you get any help? I started experiencing the same thing towards end of 2014 summer, though i might have had it as early as 2013 summer. I am a student and it has already affected me so much academically, as i cant even concentrate in class. Please let me know if you got any help. My email is ***@****
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So can I ask what's best things to try? U seem to know all medical problems that it could be but what will help please?
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Foul smelling gas or bad breath is caused by many factors such as bad diet and lifestyle. The primary cause of it is BACTERIA due to low stomach acid. When your stomach has little acid it becomes the breeding ground of any kinds of bacteria and other organisms that produce foul smell. Then you will develop CANDIDA, H.PYLORI, SIBO which can damage your intestinal tract. If you have silver fillings in teeth and allergic to heavy metal like mercury then you'll likely have candida and other health problems. If you have chronic gastritis, ulcer, heartburn, GERD, acid reflux etc. then you have H.Pylori bacteria swimming in your gut. CANDIDA AND H.PYLORI CAUSES LEAKY GUT AND OTHER GUT PROBLEMS. SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is also associated with candida and H.pylori. Source: http://www.holistichelp.net/blog/candida-sibo-or-h-pylori/
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Hi Jessicadit,

I don't have Ig or leaky gut, I tried oil of oregano, but that didn't totally help me, and when taking Oil of Oregano you only have to take about 2 drops under you tongue at one time, If you don't feel safe using it on a regular basis, I will say to you always follow your heart.  I still have gas, I think that mine comes from being lactose intolerant, meaning my body can't process the sugar in whole milk.  Therefore milk products causes me to have gas.  I take calcium supplements, but that also causes gas.

But, dealing with gas problem, these are the following remedies that helps me to deal with it.  First, and I pray and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, I think you have to go to the creator of you body, and seek answers, because everybody's body is different, and what works for one person may never work for another person.  So, that's where I find my comfort and support, praying an seeking help from my heavenly Father.

These are  things that I have taken that helps me.  After eating a meal, and I have gas, I take "Pure Organic
Coconut oil", and this helps with the gas.  Also, stress, anxiety, anger can also cause all types of digestive issues, such as gas.  I also use digestive enzyme after eating, and you also have to eat a proper diet. This information may or mayn't help you but as I mentioned before, if you want a sure thing, you must develop a personal relationship with God through prayer and the Word of God, and seek Him for yourself, and He can truly direct you concerning your issue, because the truth is He is the creator of your body, so why not go to the manufacturer of your body and cut out the middle man!

God Bless
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