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Chest pain

I have been having constant, sharp chest pain in my left side for several months now and I have been to the doctors SEVERAL times with numerous tests done. I am only 19 years old and the doctors have ruled out it being anything to do with my heart. My family and I are getting really tired of dead ends and the doctors cannot figure out what it could be. Any suggestions that maybe helpful? We are running out of options (and money) but need to get this figure out because I cannot live with being in constant pain all the time.  Thanks!
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I had chest pain from vitamin B12 deficiency and magnesium deficiency personally. I can recommend sublingual B12 (I prefer the spray) and magnesium chelated with amino acid supplements at the very least just to see if you feel any better.  I see you have depression as well. I had severe depression due to vitamin B12 malabsorption in particular but other conditions from magnesium deficiency to hypothyroidism also caused mental health issues as well.

Both serotonin deficiency and dopamine deficiency both cause depression. I added some info about both from the website Nutritional Healing. Not every cause and symptom is listed but it gives you an good idea...

"Serotonin deficiency

Serotonin deficiency signs/symptoms:

Obsessive compulsive tendency
Think about the same things over & over again
Self destructive, masochistic or suicidal thoughts/plans
Low self esteem/confidence
Anger/rage/explosive behavior/assaultive
Sleep problems/light sleeper
Crave sugar/carbohydrates/alcohol/marijuana
Use these substances to improve mood & relax
Feel worse in and dislike dark weather
Chronic pain (e.g. headaches, backaches, fibromyalgia)
Antidepressants or 5-HTP improve mood
Family history of depression/anxiety/OCD/eating disorders

Serotonin levels may be low due to a combination of genetic and acquired reasons. Serotonin can be raised effectively using either nutrient based therapies or medications. Serotonin is synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan.

Factors which reduce serotonin levels:

PCB’s, pesticides and plastic chemicals exposure
Inadequate sunlight exposure
Tryptophan (precursor) deficiency
Iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, B3, B6, folate & vitamin C deficiency
Inadequate sleep
Glutathione deficiency
Chronic infections
Food allergies
Genetic serotonin receptor abnormalities
Chronic opioid, alcohol, amphetamine & marijuana use
Human growth hormone deficiency
Progesterone deficiency
Impaired blood flow to brain
Insulin resistance or deficiency


"Dopamine deficiency signs/symptoms:

Reduced ability to feel pleasure
Flat, bored, apathetic and low enthusiasm
Low drive and motivation
Difficulty getting through a task even when interesting
Procrastinator/little urgency
Difficulty paying attention and concentrating
Slowed thinking and/or slow to learn new ideas
Crave uppers (e.g. caffeine/nicotine/diet soft drinks)
Use these to improve energy/motivation/mood
Prone to addictions (e.g. alcohol)/addictive personality
Low libido or impotence
Mentally fatigued easily and physically fatigued easily
Sleep too much and trouble getting out of bed
Put on weight easily
Family history of alcoholism/ADD/ADHD

Dopamine levels may be low due to a combination of genetic and acquired reasons. Dopamine can be raised effectively using either nutrient based therapies or medications. Dopamine is synthesized form the amino acid tyrosine.

Factors which reduce dopamine levels:

Chronic stress
Inadequate sleep
Lead, arsenic and cadmium exposure
Tyrosine (precursor) deficiency
Magnesium, iron, zinc & vitamins B3/B6/C/D deficiency
Excess copper levels
Genetic dopamine receptor abnormalities
Chronic opioid, alcohol & marijuana use
Adrenal insufficiency
Glutathione deficiency
Parkinson's Disease
Estrogen deficiency
Human growth hormone deficiency"
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