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Gasteritis, Acid reflux, B12 deifficency, and heart broken

I just needed to write down how I feel about my health and what else has been going on with me. For those of you who dont know I have been suffering with stomach problems for over a year now. I finally got insurance and am now seeing a gasterologist. He done an EGD a month ago and dignosed me with Gasteritis and Acid Reflux. He said my stomach just produces to much acid and they tried to prescribe me a different acid reducer but the problem is my insurance wont cover for the ones their trying to get me on because their like $200. I have tried several over the counter acid reducers but I still have a lot of problems. I recently started getting worse and having other symptoms such as heart palpations, feeling of blacking out, shortness of breath, sometimes sweating, leg cramps, brain fog, forgetfullness, nervousness, depression, dizziness, and even vision changes. I seriously thought something was horribly wrong with me so I went to the ER one night when I didnt have insurance and she put an EKG on me to make sure my heart was ok it was so she just said it was anxiety and gave me a shot of Adavan. After that I was still sick and I went to see my doctor and she tested my thyroids, CBC, Magnisum and a few other things but everything was fine but I wasnt I still remained very sick. I had no energey and my stomach was progessively worse so I ended up loseing a lot of weight over it. Somedays I didnt know if I was going to make it because I felt so bad. I couldnt eat right or sleep through out the night and I even had problems going to the store because my eyes would bother me. They seem sensetive to light and like im strainging them which causes me to get minor headaches or feel dizzy. One time I was at the store I seen a bright object and it made me feel like I was going to faint so I had to go set out in the car and wait for my mom to finsh shopping. I cant stay online very long or watch tv as much because it seems to bother my eyes. Somedays they seem better then others. After I got insurance I got a new doctor and told her all about my other symptoms and she wanted to do a CT Scan and did a lot of blood work. A few days later they called me and wanted me to come in so she could discuss my test results. My doctor told me my chlesterol was high which is odd because Im not over weight and Im young she said the other thing is my B12 levels was 280 which is low and its not common for someone my age to have. She said but since I have stomach problems and have to take acid reducers my stomach probably cant absorb it right and it is possible it could be whats causing all of my other symptoms. She said I would probably have to get B12 injections monthly for the rest of my life unless my stomach gets fixed. She decided to wait on the CT Scan to see how I do. After I got my first shot I did seem to be doing better then after a week I felt just as bad as I did before I got the shot. So I went and got my 2nd one and waited 2 weeks and just got my 3rd shot. Somedays I feel better then others but theirs always at some point during the day and night were I dont feel good weathers its my stomach or a few of these other symptoms that will happen randomly at different times. Its very frusterating and scary. Sometimes I get some anxiety from it but I use to have my anxiety under control up until I started getting worse. I have a fear that its not just lack of B12 thats making me so sick even though I knew it can but some people have lower levels then I do and they barly have any symptoms. On my stomach they also did a biopsy and it came back positive but it could be 7 different things so they have to figure out what else I could have. I go in to see my GI doctor next week. I have no idea what else they think I could have but thankfully its not cancer. On top of being sick all of the time my fiance of almost 5 years also broke up with me and I dont really understand why. He lied to me a few times about where he was at and I knew about him lying. I was upset with him and then he just changed and said he was tired of trying to change when he still keeps messing up and hurting me. He said he would stay out of my life so I could find my happiness. I was hurt because everything seemed fine until he lied to me about stupid things and he would just go out of town and wouldnt come see me when he knew I was upset with him instead he would just go home and sleep until he went to work. He told me just a few days ago I was so amazing and he would always stay by my side and then he just throws me away like it doesnt bother him. This is not the 1st time something like this has happen but I was able to forgive him because I loved him and I wanted to make things better for our son. Now Im realizing that even though he seemed like he was changing and getting better that this is a pattern with him and that he probably wont ever fully be able to change no matter how much he tries to convince people he has. I think once he gets his mind back to normal he will try to get me back but I dont think I can handle keep getting hurt and lied to when he probably wont be able to change. It really hurts knowing that the only person I really cared about seemed fine and then all of a sudden changed within just a few days and decided to end it because of him hurting me yet I was the one that got hurt and didnt do anything. I just dont understand and whats worse is here I am always sick at a time when I really needed him right before Christmas and he just walks away like it didnt bother him. How can you act so in love with someone for years and then just walk away from the person you supposely loved and your kid emotinonless? This really upsets me and it would be a lot easier just to forget it and be with him but things dont work out that way and I know me and my son deserve a lot better and he wouldnt be able to keep me happy since he would just keep doing things to upset me. Now I cant really eat much because im sick and hurt from him and I still cant sleep good even though Im tired. My moods change because of all the stress I have times were im so angry at him for just walking away and giving up and then I have times to where I miss him and cant stop crying. I get sad because I cant get out to really do anything because I never feel right and I still worry theirs something else wrong with me. I dont know what to do anymore. Im to young to be having this many problems and I want to be able to get out and do things and take care of my son but its hard on me. Anyway thats whats been going on with me. I really hope things start to look up for me and for anyone else going thru something horrible weather its health or just anything. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the best of luck finding the help and support they need to find a cure for their health problems.

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Chew Well & Eat Slowly Most assume that the stomach is solely responsible for breaking down food and digesting it. But in fact, the stomach can do its job only if the food has been well chewed first.
Remember that vegetables, especially in their raw form, are very difficult to digest if they are not mechanically broken down first. This is because plant cells are coated with an
indigestible layer called a cellulose cell wall. If this protective sheath is not broken, especially with raw vegetables, the rich nutrients inside will merely pass through the GI tract unabsorbed. And that nullifies the effects of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, because they will do little to improve your health.
To get the maximum nutritional value from your foods, even meats, you should chew them until they are finely dissolved — that is, until they are almost a liquid mush. This greatly assists digestion in the rest of the GI tract and helps prevent acid reflux. It also aids in reducing the volume in the stomach, which is vital to stopping acid reflux.
There is a reaction — known as the gastroesophageal reflex — that is triggered when the
stomach is overdistended. When it occurs, it causes a special ring of muscle located at the lower end of the esophagus to relax. This allows acid to erupt back into the lower esophagus. Normally, when the food enters the stomach from the esophagus, this
valve is closed.
Unlike the stomach, the esophagus lacks a layer of protective mucus and therefore the refluxed acid can burn the tissue. If this occurs often enough, heartburn, belching and a sensation of fullness can result — a condition doctors call dyspepsia.
Occasionally, a sufferer will feel few symptoms but by the time they do, considerable damage is often already done.
Over time, this constant injury to the lower esophagus can result in the development of a
cancer, which has a very high mortality. Smoking and drinking alcohol to excess can dramatically increase this risk. as we chew our food, it is mixing in with our saliva. While saliva does contain a digestive enzyme called amylase, it actually plays only a minor role in digestion. Saliva’s main function is to moisten the food so that it can slide down the esophagus more easily.
One solution is to eat several small meals a day, rather than three large meals a day.
Have you been checked for H. pylori?
One more problem is inflammation in the lower part of the stomach (pyloric gastritis), which slows the emptying of its contents, causing acid to back up into the esophagus. Curcumin and hesperidin bolster mucus production in the lining of both the esophagus and stomach, providing protection against this acid reflux. Those with existing acid reflux would be best
served to avoid midnight snacks and should sleep with the head of the bed elevated. Remember, food triggers acid release. It is also probably best to avoid calcium supplements, since calcium stimulates acid release. Sleeping on the left side also reduces acid reflux, as this position helps to empty the stomach.
The lack of stomach acid interferes with vitamin B12 and iron absorption as well. Gastroenterologists are especially concerned about B12 deficiency.
Beat Ulcers
Use quercetin, curcumin and hesperidinmixed with extra-virgin olive oil
(one tablespoon between meals)
Take two capsules of DGL (degly cyrrhizinated licorice) between meals and two at bedtime. Drink white/rosemary tea mixture two to three times a day.
Fighting Gastritis
Take supplements to combat H. pylori Avoid hot or spicy food Stay away from alcohol
Don't take NSAIDs (nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs). These include Advil,
ibupropen, aspirin, etc. If unable to avoid, take curcumin and quercetin in addition
Take DGL capsules — two capsules three
times a day plus two at bedtime Use antioxidant vitamins with food
Chew your food thoroughly
This was from a report By Dr. B.
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I have had similar problems, In my case it was a combination of sleep apnea [ it can cause exhaustion/fatigue, brain fog, anxiety/depression and muscle weakness /pain], high thyroid and a poor gall bladder. If you are having problems sleeping, wake up really tired and seem spacy or with a headache you might try a sleep test. If you have not had your gall BLadder check this would be wise too!  Good luck!
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