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Have these symptoms what could it be??

Hello . i am a 22years old male from Greece.
I have the following:
constant ringing ears for more than seven years
Eye floaters when i look in a blank bright background (usually daylight sky)
Heart palpitations (eg when i sleep i can hear my heartbeat and it's even most times visible at places like head temple veins, neck,upper stomach )
Loss of motivation, feeling empty,constant fatigue,generalised anxiety disorder
Feelings of dizziness-lightheadedness all day long (for at least 3-4 months now)
Fragile bones, pain in some joints and redness
Incident of pain on hand fingers and a painless red mark on my left index that disappeared after a month
Reactivation of herpes zoster virus (dermatological symptoms for a month)
ANA test positive(1/160 homogenic)
Anti dsdna (22 u/ml)
Excessive hair growth (all body e.g. chest stomach back legs feet even a few at my neck)
Aura migraines (happened to me 2-3 times in my Life so far)
Short term memory problems
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Hello~I have many of the same symptoms that you do, especially the constant dizziness and heart skips, it is miserable. Mine are due to bad anxiety and also fibromyalgia.

Have you discussed this with your doctor?  It seems to me that with some of the issues you are having, he/she would be able to help, especially regarding the ANA results.

I would try adding a good,  vitamin"B" complex to your diet along with a good multi-mineral and extra vitamin D and A. For the ringing in the ears, try using Ginko, it is an herb that helps with ringing in the ears and sometimes dizziness, it comes in a capsule.  All of this can be purchased at a health food store or on-line through I-Herb, I use them since I live in New Zealand, their prices are lower and they carry the same things the vitamin stores do. Also, maybe try seeing a chiropractor, he/she might be able to help with the migraines, dizziness and other issues.

I hope you feel better and that these issues will be resolved.
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Thanks for your reply. About ginkgo- is it safe to use these pills or should i be careful?..im asking because I've never taken herb supplements before.
Yes, it is very safe, especially if you follow the recommendations on the label on the bottle.
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