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I need advice - Can't make it to the Dr. right now

I'm a binge drinker. I am 11 days sober. My body is weak, I'm very fatigue, irritable, I have a bad cough from the common cold three weeks ago, I have cramping/knotting in my upper left side stomach (especially when I cough), I have odor coming from my vaginal, I've been bruising easily, headaches, irritability, etc. This is embarrassing, but I need to know what may be causing all of these symptoms. Even before my cold, and before I quit drinking, I've had all of these symptoms (except for the bad cough). It's gotten a lot worse. When I breath in, I feel flem in my throat making me cough more. I know I should see a doctor about this. I am a smoker. I know that doesn't help. Any advice?? Anyone??
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Hi, I would recommend that you see a doctor about this :)
I feel that more information would be needed to hint to a diagnosis. For example, long history of smoking?, how long other symptoms have lasted i.e. lack of energy and if you have been exposed to any occupational type gases e.g. dust, pollution, asbestos. I suspect COPD but to confirm this you need to see docotr and must have a chronic history of those symptoms (by chronic I mean long term) as well as other various risk factors and also must have no relief after a post-bronchodilator, to eliminate the possiblility of asthma.
I'm only on my 2nd year of medical training so I'm not sure if I can give very accurate advice yet
All the best
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There is a free great place where you check i and you will get the help you need.  What area are you in?    They will address all your health issues and yu can have counseling and get sober
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You'll have to do something about that cough. It's not normal to have a bad cough for three weeks. You have a lot of symptoms, but they are mostly nonspecific, which is why you won't get a diagnosis without having some lab work done first.
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It appears to me that you could have either chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. These are two illnesses that present themselves with the symptoms you have described.

Another possibility that comes to mind is Candida. This a yeast infection that can also cause these issues.

Unfortunately, none of these can be confirmed without running tests. In the meantime, try cutting back on sugar, yeast products and if possible, start taking a good multi vitamin, multi mineral, and pro biotic to put friendly bacteria back in your system.
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