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Left flank area pain feeling only when I press


I'm 27 years old male. I'm feeling mild pain under my left ribs(side). I can feel it only when I press that area(in stretched/bent position). I noticed this 'extra-pain' only after finishing my wing-back-bicep workout on last Saturday. I worked out for 2 hours on that day. I thought, it's due to muscle pain so, I stopped working out(as well as supplements) for 1 week but the pain exists there(now, with less intensity). I don't feel any other symptoms.

FYI, I'm following pull-push-leg split style of workout. I'm working out every other day. I'm sleeping ~7hrs a day. I'm supplementing with Protein(1 serving gives 9gms of Protein + 1.5gms of Creatine Monohydrate). I tried Creatine Monohydrate supplementation 2 weeks ago(5gms or less per day, tried for 1 week then stopped). I'm not under any treatment.

I'm drinking plenty of water throughout the day(during workout too). I'm drinking 3 cups of milk daily and eating 4 eggs per week. I'm following vegan diet(using meat and fish rarely).

Today, I've consulted with General Medicine Doctor. He said nothing to worry about and asked me to continue what I'm doing with but suggested me to reduce the workout duration to 1hr. Also, suggested me to eat more vegetables. He didn't prescribe any medicine.  

I would like to know what caused the issue? Is this related to rib area muscles/ligament or kidney or something else? Can I start working out and using supplements again? Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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You're welcome.  BTW  I had it so bad it felt like a heart attack and they even did an EKG -  then they asked if I was exercising... mystery solved!
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Thanks a lot for your reply, silverfox67! :)
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Sounds like costochondritis.  Tendonitis - the ligaments that hold the ribs in place can get inflamed with exercise or repetitive movement.  An NSAID is all a doctor will prescribe.  (been there, done that)
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No one responding? So bad! :(
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