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Need help ! Haven’t been feeling well and losing faith in the Drs

About a week and a half ago I started coming down with something . Sneezing , sore throat , major congestion , headaches , exhaustion , and a fever . Went to the dr , 5 days later bc I wasn’t getting better . Though Onhad the flu but said no need to test me bc I was past the Tamiflu phase . And that I was also getting a bacterial infection bc of my sinuses and ears were awful. Took z pack . Congestion is somewhat better but I am so extremely exhausted a week and a half in with major headaches , and have difficulty moving around . Was put on steroids yesterday for inner ear fluid . I just feel awful . Could it be Lymes disease or anything else . Bc I can’t work bc I am so tired and get light headed with the headaches . I am not one to lounge around . My average sleep is 6 hours a day normally and I am a go getter. I don’t have a lazy bone in my body . But lately I can’t do anything . Help !
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So, here is what is hard.  MOST things we suffer like this are viral and no medication will help.  I had a nasty sore throat, then full on major congestion and a cough and it lasted a full 14 days.  My sister is like "go get antibiotics" but it was viral.  Antibiotics are not called for in that situation.  I had pain in my sinuses but that is also common as you are working through a virus.  True sinus infections are rare.  Flu is more rare.  When you have the flu, it is very different than viral issues.  You can't function. I've had flu twice in my life and remember both very distinctly.  You are sick as a dog in your whole body.  Infections are also upped a notch beyond the typical virus.  Fever is often present.  You have been sick a short time.  I would not think of it being anything more serious than a virus. A bad one. Viruses are on a spectrum.  Some are mild where you are a little uncomfortable and some seem like they never take off.  Others are more dramatic and hard.  You took a z pack which indicates your doctor didn't think you were really sick.  :>)  It's a second rate antibiotic rarely effective for much of anything and what doctors hand out to patients who really want something when they come to their office and feel empty handed hearing they have a virus.  Doctors are always in a tough spot. Their patients have made the effort to see them, want something in return. When in reality, a virus is a time thing where you just have to wait to get better.  A cough can linger for two months once the airways have been irritated!  It is what it is.  The sad thing is that many doctors have been pressured to overuse antibiotics so now we have fewer choices when we really need one since drug resistance has developed.  

I have just been through something similar as you.  I was getting a little crazy by day 13 and 14.  By day 15 I was like "hey, I feel almost normal" kind of over night.  And by day 16 I was fine like it never happened.  I did not have a lingering cough but know that is commo if your virus involved a cough.  

Dizziness is likely because of your inner ear and having a cold with sinus issues.  It's all interconnected.  Keep blowing.  Try nasal lavage or a netty pot or even just plain old saline spray in your nostrils to help clear.  But ears are often involved in colds.  

Hang in there.  Ibuprofen is your best friend and make sure to take Mucinex as well!  Those two things help tremendously.  Tea and rest.  good luck
Ty. I have been taking the mucinex for 12 days . And they first gave me A different anibioticnthay made me sick . And I not coughing anymore and hardly feel congested . Just sever headache , body aches , slightly off balance , extremely sensitive to light  and ZERO STRENGTH to get up and move around . Coproflaxin was
The first antibiotic . When i told them I didn’t like the way it made me feel they asked what had worked for me
In past . I said z pack
I would give yourself a few more days to see if you get better.  Try reverse ear pops if your ears start to feel clogged. This is when you hold your nose and blow.  It will pop your ears.  Ibuprofen for the headache and body ache.  And the one thing they could have done is give you a steroid injection that will immediately decrease inflammation in your whole body which is part of being sick but also part of feeling crummy when sick.  Urgent care gave me one once when ill and I honestly almost immediately felt better.  Otherwise, the body inflammation from being sick will go back to normal soon, I'm sure.  Drink lots of fluids and eat things that sound good to you.  Get a little sugar and caffeine.  good luck
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