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Why am I smelling random smells?


Throughout the past few months but especailly recently I have been smelling odd smells that are not there. Only today, for example, I have smelled burning, lemons, ovan chips and pine. I did make ovan chips but that was at my grandmas hours ago. We also had lemons, but that was last night. As for pine... No idea. Sometimes, my partner says he can smell the burning but sometimes he doesn't smell it, so I never know if it's a burning circit or my mind.

I am worried as I have heard this can mean all sorts from brain tumours to signs of stroke. I don't have any signs of stroke however I have been seeing odd colours and my eyes have been being blurry recently. But I thought that was because I was online too much as my eyes are photosensitive. Other people have told me it is just sense memory and my mind playing tricks, as I do have a history of anxiety and paranoia.

Please help, I'm getting very worried.
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There appears to be a correlation between your symptoms and your level of concern/worry...
This is just an observation...

I'm no doctor, but unless something hurts, looks totally wrong or falls off I tend not to worry too much...
Just be happy it's pine and lemons and not, well, erm, I'm sure you get the idea!

Have fun!!
Bye for now!
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Hehe. I guess so, I am happy It's nothing worse! And my partner did say he smelled burning too, and I have been online a long while.

It just becomes so difficult for me to tell if something is serious or not thanks to my anxiety and paranoia... Generally, I wait for 2 symptoms or more. But now I have 'seeing random colours' and 'smelling random smells.' D:
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If you are having strange smells, vision problems or headache as well, it is worth
talking to your physician - they can reassure you or take your concerns to another level.  As you said, these are signs of something more serious; most likely nothing but if it
continues or gets worse, call for an appointment.  
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I agree with the previous post.  Often, if you're having headaches and are smelling things no one else is smelling, it has something to do with migraines.
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Thank you for your help everyone. The symptoms went away with the smell of burning in my house for maybe it was fumes, but I am going to ask my doctor as it has happened before.
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