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often in the past six months my lower eyes get puffy.  What could this be a sign of?  Is it normal for my eyes to get puffy from allergies?  Please give me some ideas for narrowing down the cause.
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Hello yes allergies or sinus problems can cause the puffiness.  

To help relieve the puffiness you can use a gel sleep mask, gel ice pack or soak green tea bags- in water and place in the freezer, and place over eyes every evening prior to going to bed.  Place a regular sleep mask over the gel mask or the tea bags to help keep cooler longer and help hold them in place. If they are really really cold leave on for 10 mins and off for 10 mins and repeat to avoid damaging the eyes.  

If you are not taking anything prescribed for your allergies, you can try an OTC antihistamine like Sudafed, as well.  If using an antihistamine be aware that it will show up in drug tests, and can cause you to fail them.   So always make the tester aware you are taking them before hand should you need a test done for work etc.    

I Hope This Helps.  
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It could be allergies. Or your tired! ;)   Do your eyes itch or water? Any other symptoms?
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