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hurting so bad

hi im 38  and i been suffering with these soars on arms back and face they look like thick brown leather and very sticky like candy i been to specialist docs hospitols everywhere they just tell me they have never saw anything like this it spreads more when i shower i get headaches with it  it leaves scars after they heal what do u think this cld be and also i lost 100 pounds in 8 months of me going threw this grainted i needed to lose weight cause after my second child 6 yrs ago i got heavy which i nomaly aint please help me please it also burns as if im in a fire severe burning and all around the brown stcky soars is inflamd red color
i also have a pic of the one on my chin that i have now
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By the description it does sound very much like warts.  As you will probably already know warts grow because of a fungal infection.  As your body is having a problem fighting this off, it appears that your immune system is very weak.

I suggest that you go back to your doctor and ask them to run blood tests to check your immune system or take a biopsy to find out what these sores are or what they are caused by.

Just because the medical profession that you have been to has never seen this before, doesn't mean that they should give up on you.  

Best wishes.
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Having looked at your picture it does not look like warts.  But I still feel the doctor should take a swab and run some blood tests.

In the meantime, do not use any soap or shower gels or bubble baths, do not wear any creams, makeup or perfume.  If you have silver jewellery do not wear this as it may contain nickel.

Only was with mild non perfumed soap and use a non-biological washing detergent.  

Have you touched or been near any plant that you recall when this first appeared?

Have you been advised what to do at all with this skin problem or given any medication?

Try a little bit of natural yogurt on a small piece of your sores to see if it will help.

Best wishes.
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Have you been to a Dermatologist?
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