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Question of HIV/Oraquick and pregnancy

I need some reassurance and advice. I got with my partner back in March. He was newly out of a relationship. I always ask std status and in Feb he showed me he tested negative for HIV. We had one pull out method encounter early march and the next day I had vag discharge, turned out to be chlamydia. We were both shocked. But apparently they had sex after they broke up and after all his testing in late feb. And she was cheating on him during their 2 year relationship. I got treated and was neg for all stds in early May when I got retested for the chlamydia and full std screen. Our last (protected) encounter was May 25th. Went to the ER on June 6th per my PCP request for abd. pain. Found out I was in early pregnant (I don't want the baby). On June 10th my partner crys to me and says his ex called and she's HIV positive. That same day we took oraquick (he hasn't had sex with her for about 3 months and at this point I hasn't had sex with him for 17 days or so) he got a faint line, mine was negative. We got blood work the next day mine was negative later that day I got the results. His didn't come until next day and he was tested positive from a walk in clinic. His PCP had him do another blood draw and has an apt for Monday for I think the western blot.

I am scared out of my mind. It was only 18 days when my blood tests came back negative from my last (protected) encounter and 3months from last unprotected encounter. and I'm thinking if he is confirmed HIV+ on Monday then- since I got pregnant with protected sex then I SURELY got HIV as well and haven't gave it enough time to show in my blood work.
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You will need a 3 month blood test from last unprotected exposure. It does not mean that you have gotten HIV if he has it. The odds are actually in your favor that you don't have it.
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And as Alex said this should be handled with your Dr and if bf is confirmed he will see an ID which you should speak to as well.
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It's confirmed. He was tested last week and today his results were poz, he has a viral load of 600. Which his doc says is low. Since we had protected sex and I managed to get pregnant my doctor did says it was less likely to get HIV, I had more of a chance to get pregnant with a condom than contract HIV, and considering this was 3 weeks ago maybe his viral load was even lower making it even less of a chance of transmission. I'm praying to God that's the case. And when I took my blood test it was past the 3 month mark of our pull out method encounter.
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Thank you
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So he got his WB test back as positive?
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Yes it's positive. He has a low viral load as well. I'm hoping that plays in my favor.
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I'm sure this is a very stressful time for you.  An unplanned pregnancy, and then this scare.  Please disregard the above comments from balotelli, as we're not here on this forum to judge, or give moral advice.

The doctor was absolutely right, you cannot even compare the statistics of becoming pregnant versus transmission of HIV, it's night and day different.

The odds really ARE in your favor.  We don't typically get into detailed answers about "odds" on this forum, but just generally speaking, there's definitely a significantly greater chance that you WON'T be infected versus that you'll end up +.  

A DUO test at 4 weeks after your LAST unprotected exposure with your BF will be very very reassuring, and a good indication of your status.  We adhere to the official guidelines, and will recommend that you retest at 3 months post exposure as well, for a definitive result.  That's more or less a formality at this point.  If the DUO is negative, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Try to keep yourself busy and not over think this too much, as it will fuel your anxiety.  

Off topic for this forum, but if you're struggling with the unplanned pregnancy, and what to do about it, we have a great forum that you can post your situation to, for some support and guidance.  It's called "Women's choice".  Here's the link:


We also have a great Relationships forum, if you're struggling with the relationship with your BF, considering this news.  It's tough, no doubt.  


You have enough on your mind with the HIV testing, but after you resolve that, you may need those forums above.

Very best to you, I hope everything works out okay.  Please do let us know how the testing turns out.
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Nurse girl, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassionate detailed response. You really made me cry, but a positive cry which i haven't had experienced at all lately. I am an LPN myself, but I work in a nursing home and HIV statistics are far from what I deal with day to day. My anxiety has made me call out of work because I cannot focus and I don't want to put my residents at risk because of my blob of a mind. I will surely check out those forums you suggested but like you stated my mind is more concerned with my HIV status at this point. And for you to go into statistics which you say you don't usually do here, to ease my mind, I surely will say a prayer for you tonight. My four week post exposure will be Sunday. When I see my OBGYN tomorrow, I'll ask her to put In a order and i will go next Monday for another duo test. I will let you know what happens with that. Thank you to those who have been replying as well. It's good to hear positive feed back when all your mind is consumed with is negativity  
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Ignore Alex1200.
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TBH, he's not a husband. We aren't even in a relationship b/c he was still getting over their break up. We agreed to be monogamous- just with no label on it... To build trust and to prevent STD transmission.... We  tried so hard to protect ourselfs , it's kinda ironic.
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I got my blood tested tonight. Hopefully I get good news tomorrow for my one month post exposure
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