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In October of 2007, I met a guy that I dated for approx. 5 months. During that time, our first unprotected experience was the beginning of December and subsequent times after that. At the beginning of February, the health department contacted him and 5 other dancers stating that 2 of them had come in contact with HIV+ individual. My bf was tested in December, negative. He was then tested the next day by health department officials in February... results were negative. I was tested in February (6th) and again at the end of March (25th) and both were negative. Our last sexual encounter was in March (12th). Can you please give me some answers as to whether I should test again?
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No if you both tested negative in Feb, and you have being faithfull since october, then you both are 100% conclusively negative, dont worry more about hiv, move on.

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Thanks. That's encouraging.
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