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I ended up having some drinks with a girl I met at a conference in Houston, she is from Dallas Fort Worth area, Caucasian, mid-late 30's, had one child and seemed like a normal down to earth girl...... one thing led to another and we ended back at her room.  After giving/receiving oral for 30 mins or so and mutual masturbation she wanted to have sex.  I pulled away as we had no condoms, in my drunken state' I think I apologized for 'being sensible' and we carried on with oral for an hour or so before I went back to my room.  Although I can remember most things from that evening, I don't recall having sex, but with this anxiety my mind is playing tricks as to the 'what if' scenario.  At the end she even said lets make sure were better prepared next time which makes me certain there was no sex.  around 5.5 weeks later in developed a chesty cough, very stiff neck in the evening for about 2 days, fever/night sweat for about 2 days and swollen gland in right side of neck and headaches.  A week after that developed bacterial throat infection diagnosed by doctor with swollen glands and nodes on right side of neck same side as the throat infection.  After 10 days of amoxicillin everything cleared up.   I have read all the threads and I feel stupid for writing this as I know the what the answers will be.  Move on with your life.... I think I just need to hear it as I haven't spoken to anyone about this anxiety.... thanks for all your good work
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You had no HIV risk from oral.
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Thanks Vance for your quick response.  I am actually in middle of a relocation to the US with family, a big commitment and I think the anxiety, which only started recently has a lot do with not messing things up.  I knew I was stupid.  I already felt well educated on STD/HIV risks and after the event I read a lot of information, mostly on this site and was re-assured and put it behind me, even if sex was involved with I am 99.9999% sure there wasn't.  It has only resurfaced with this present change of family life and commitment.  I don't want to go through the increased anxiety of testing as I believe its uneccesary.  Just want to put it behind me, thanks again
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