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Laser Acne Scar Removal

Laser acne scar removal is one treatment option for shallow scars from acne. It does not work as well on deep scars. In laser surgery for acne scars, a hand-held laser is used to burn off the scarred skin cells. Fresh new skin cells then replace the burned-off ones.

Benefits of Laser Surgery for Acne Scars

The lasers used for Laser Acne Scar Removal in  India are very precise, allowing the dermatologist or plastic surgeon to target only the affected skin and leave any healthy, unscarred skin alone. This may be preferable to some other methods commonly used to treat shallow scars, like chemical peels and dermabrasion, because those methods remove the entire top layer of skin, scarred and unscarred.

Laser treatments for scars from acne may also be preferable to treatments like dermabrasion because they are much less painful. Dermabrasion usually causes significant bleeding of the face. While local anesthetic is usually used during the procedure, the treated skin is usually quite tender afterward. Laser treatments are somewhat irritating to the skin and may cause redness or crustiness afterward for a while, but they are far less irritating than dermabrasion or chemical peels.

Laser acne scar removal is pretty effective for shallow scars. However, multiple treatments may be required.

Risks of Laser Surgery for Acne Scars

While laser treatments for acne scars are less irritating to the skin than some other treatments, like dermabrasion and chemical peels, they are still somewhat irritating. Your skin may be red and crusty for a while. It may be sore. You may experience some bruising.

Allergic-type reactions can occur. These are usually easily treated with medicated creams

Infections may also occur. These can be treated with medicated creams and/or with oral antibiotics.

Both hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation lightening of the skin can occur with laser treatments. To help prevent this, you should avoid direct exposure to sunlight for a couple of weeks after a laser treatment.

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