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33m mild LVH, mild mitro regurg, mild tricuspid regurg
"Brief" background.
-33 white male
-average adult weight 170
-6 ft height
-never smoked
-no drink
-health conscious/ not health nut
- high general anxiety worse with actual reason-leads to more frequent palpitations
- palpitations as far as I can remember (occasional pound, not daily)
- I don't consider myself athletic
- depression - treated with lamictal. somewhat better, don't "enjoy" life

No reported history of Hypertrophy or sudden death.
-died at 68 (2006) while undergoing heart cath. He was lifetime smoker, ate poorly.

Grandmother (mother's side)
-late in life mitral valve replacement I believe, gave her more time.

Younger Brother (28)
-heart murmur as child. unknown to me what kind.
-first AFIB related to cocaine possibly
-several episodes since

Older Brother (36)
- recently had first bout of AFIB

Echo on Nov 12, 2003
Left Atrium            2.4
Right Ventricle      1.5
Left Ventricle         D4.7 / S3.1
  Ejection Fraction   63%
Wall Motion
    Posterior            .9
    Septal               1.0    
Aortic Root            3.0
Aortic Valve           2.2

mild mitral regurg,
mild concentric left ventricular hypertrophy with normal systolic function
mild myxomatous changes in the mitral valve associated with mild mitral regurg
mild tricuspid regurg secondary to pulmonary hypertension

Echo on March 11, 2004
Left Atrium 2.6
Right Ventricle 1.6
Left Ventricle  D 4.5 / S 2.8
Wall Motion
   Posterior.   1.2
   Septal        1.4
Aortic Root    3.5
Aortic  Valve  2.4

Sinus throughout
Aortic root normal
LA normal
Mitral valve mild regurg
Aortic valve normal
LV concentric LVH
Right heart mild tricuspid regurg
No pericardial diffusion

Same as previous echo

Hope that's not TMI

I had an echo with Cardiologist on 2/15/08.  First one since 2004. Scared %$#@less.

Naturally, I'll have to consult with my GP about findings...not sure why. I'd rather a cardiologist explain things to me. Being Friday, I'll have to suffer through the weekend and worry if my children will grow up without their father.

Mostly sedentary with depression for over a year after job loss, sell/find house, and sudden death of father in the same month. Recently started exercising, 30min @5.2 mph on treadmill - HR ~120 fairly comfortable breathing. Arm problem prevents using weights for upper body, but upon lifting moderate to heavy weight with legs, heart beats stronger for a few seconds - not rapid. Like fight or flight feeling, then subsides, could be normal I guess. Overall feel tired, assumed from depression, but now think depression/anxiety/mental heath are caused by heart abnormalities. Blood pressure has been "normal" every time I've had it taken. The usual blood work comes back fine.

Question 1: What do you think in general about findings, and difference in echo numbers.

Question 2: What might I expect to see regarding more LVH and valve leakages.

Question 3: Why didn't my first cardiologist tell me about this. (Do not recall him doing so. I would assume one would remember being told about these "problems"

Question 4: Curious. Should action have been taken to keep AFIB in check, since the LVH and AFIB spell disaster?

Question 5: I hear having an echo shortly after afib may skew data. Any comments?

Question 6: What should I ask my cardiologist? I'd like to avoid being told not to worry about.

Thank-you for anyone's thoughts on the matter.

And there is the "pink elephant" question which I know not to ask here, er....
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