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Cholesterol Testing

Last year I was diagnosed with "mild heart disease" - "plaque all over" (abdominal, heart, carotids).   I have been losing weight, exercising, etc. to stop the progression.  This year's nuclear stress test and carotid ultrasound were great compared to last year. I've lost 70 pounds, but do still need to lose about 50. My cardiologist did not have time to explain my blood test results and I'm not familiar with the newer tests (VAP).  Is it possible to get clarification on just the out-of-range results here?

1)Will losing the remaining weight improve any of the out of range results?  2)How "bad" is my Lp(a)?  3)What do the other results mean?

Lp(a) is 17 (expected range - 10), HDL2 is 10 (expected range >15), VLDL3 is 14 (expected range <10). The Real LDL Size Pattern was A/B (expected range "A" according to the report.

HDL-C was 37, but I understand that one.  I'm using Ornish/Esselstyn.

Just for information - The lipid panel and VAP results were pretty much the same for these: Cholesterol 152, Triglycerides 111, Calc LDL Chol 96, Risk ratio LDL/HDL 2.82, and CRP <.5 Homocysteine was 12 (expected range 5-12).

Thank you for any insight you can offer.
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I would think that your hdl is on the low side, anything under 35 is cause for concern. Also I would want the ldl/hdl ratio at 2 to 1 or better.
With vytorin my ratio of ldl/hdl is 1.29 and I actually reversed some of the blockages/plaques. And getting to ones correct weight is always an excellent idea.
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