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Concerns about episode

Hi all,

I had an issue the other night where I had an episode of chest pain (which is a chronic issue for me), left shoulder pain (more like a muscle ache), and a stabbing pain in my left wrist.  At the time, after this started, I checked my BP, which was in a normal range for me (115/82), but, my pulse was 25 beats over 15 seconds, for 100BPM.

I had been sitting for the past hour reading a book.  I had previously (2-3 hours earlier) gone out for some barbeque at a restaurant that uses a dry rub & 18 hour smoke.  Sodium content unknown.

I took a nitro tablet and checked my pulse about 4 minutes later - it had settled down to about 82BPM.  The pain in my left shoulder & wrist dissipated.

I realize only an ER doc or nurse could say this for sure but, could the arm pain & chest pain not have been related?  I have had carpal tunnel syndrome and release surgery far in the past, and do have some numbness going down the outside of my left hand (affecting my little finger and the periphery of my left hand) that the doctors didn't seem concerned about, and apparently I tested negative for carpal tunnel in the last EMG test I had on my arms.

How quickly can a meal with too much sodium cause problems, and can those problems lead to a heart attack?

As an aside - if this ever kicks up again in the same or similar way I'm going to have my spouse take me to the ER.

It's just difficult for me since I know I have chronic pain, so I often wonder is this just a flare up of a chronic issue or something more serious.  If I went to the ER every time in the past I'd had chest pains, by now I would have been able to fund my own private suite in the local hospital...

The good thing is that one nitrostat seemed to get things back under control.

That's why this is so frustrating and I hesitate when perhaps I should not.

Thanks for your time,

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