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Controllin & Reducing colesterol

I have colesterol count of 220 though I don't find and pain or breathing problem. I would like to know steps to be taken to control or reduce colesterol, with controlled diet. I am diabetic also but sugar is in control with medication,excercise & diet.Please guide.
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Hi, for control of cholesterol, I can give the following suggestions.
Reduce the total fat content of your diet to <30% of calories. Of which of saturated fat<10% of calories, polyunsaturated fat <10% of calories and mono unsaturated fat <10% of calories. Increased dietary intake of fiber rich foods like oat bran will help. Diet should be rich in antioxidant vitamins found primarily in fruits and vegetables. Reduce energy intake to achieve ideal body weight. Avoid alcohol consumption.
Exercise regularly, it is multi beneficial in that besides helping to lose weight and reduce cholesterol levels, it reduces stress and helps improve blood supply to the heart. Regards.
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