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Could this be a sign of a Heart Attack

I have reccently had trouble with my heart rate going over a 100 even at rest had an EKG done at the ER Saturday they said it was normal,  and have had back pain since Monday last night the pain was severe on a scale of 1-10 it was a 9 I had also pretty bad chest pain saw my doctor this morning my Blood Pressure was up was 122/90 she checked over the EKG from Saturday nigh said everything looked good didn't seem all that concerned, but now the left side of my neck is hurting should I go to the ER?
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It is difficult to evaluate whether you should or not seek immediate medical care.  If you have a heart rate at rest greater than 100 bpm then the EKG would produce an abnormal reporting tachycardia. If you had your EKG when you were not having an event of tachycardia, then the EKG may not have detected any problems.

When I had a silent heart attack may pulse was greater than normal at rest (115) and BP was normal.  When the heart rate is higher than normal it is usually attempting to provide more blood to the system that each individual heartbeat does adequately pump. A deficiency of blood pumped with each stroke can be due to a number of different causes that are heart related.  But the discomfort you have can be related to non-cardiac conditions, but your condition should be evaluated to rule out any serious conditions heart or non-heart related should be ruled out.  The severe pain you have experienced sounds serious and the underlying cause should be diagnosed.  

Hope this provides some insight or a perspective that enables you to take the correct action and benefit with consultation with your doctor.  Take care,


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Ask your doctor for a referral to a Cardiologist. Your family doctor just doesn't have the skill set a Cardiologist has. Plus it will put your mind at ease.

But I am wondering if you have had a lot of stress in your life lately or during the past year? Stress can cause minor heart or other health problems seem more severe. Try to really have a nice relaxing weekend and see if your symptoms decrease.
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I have to agree with Paulwk on this one.  It seems more like a panic attack.  That can cause your heart rate to rise. But if you feel more at ease, see your doctor and discuss your concerns.  Ask you doctor is they feel this could be a panic attack. Trust me, this past October I raced to the ER thinking I was having mini strokes.  It was a panic attack, and I couldn't believe it. I am so strong willed and bull headed. How could I have a panic attack? Trust me it happens to the best of us.  Take care, Ally
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